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    Antenna covers???

    Sammy, Found a picture of what your looking for; Don't think that part is made? Looks like that unit also has a wide cone, and whip antennas. Like these;
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    Antenna covers???

    Sammy, I think this is what your looking for; Details West #321 One of many places you can order; Todd Templeton
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    Latest scratch built 8 axle tank car

    WOW Bobby! Your 66 not 96! Your tank car models are awesome! Todd Templeton
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    marker light blank outs

    Details Associates makes them also:) Todd Templeton
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    Questions on the RPP sd90mac

    Jamie, The radiators do come with the kit. If I remember correctly Canon also makes replacement grills that are much nicer. You can power it with a Railpower frame and Athearn drive parts. You can also buy what you need here; They also have...
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    Bulktainer trailers?

    Here's what your looking for! You can buy them here, and elsewhere... Walthers, etc. Really nice kits. Todd Templeton
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    Whats a good site for Prototype Rolling Stock Pictures?

    Josh, There is a search... look on the lefthand side, it says "keyword search". Do you have a # series? Sorry, got to go watch the game! Todd
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    Whats a good site for Prototype Rolling Stock Pictures?

    Two excellent NS Loco sites; For rolling stock; Todd Templeton
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    Whats a good site for Prototype Rolling Stock Pictures?

    How about this; Todd Templeton
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    Just outta curiosity...

    Hi Nate, Here's a basic hand-book available from Amazon. Lots of information in the form of drawings. Used from $4.75 This book has more specific info with photos of different prototypes. Used...
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    Unloading on Ebay

    Jerome, I have heard that sometimes E-Bay will add E-Bay store listings into their search numbers. (as appossed to just auction #'s) Maybe when things get slow? I read that a while back. Don't know if it's true or not? Todd Templeton
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    How Many Couplers?? ;)

    236 looks pretty close! :confused: Todd Templeton
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    Slugs & Bugs (B-units)

    Your correct. I did'nt comprehend what I read! :confused: The tall hoods threw me off, I was thinking... room for a power plant, or two ;) I guess we will have to wait and see what Jerome has up his sleave... or, on his workbench :D Todd Templeton
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    Slugs & Bugs (B-units)

    Nice work, Jerome! I'm with Josh, Looks like a Genset to me. Maybe, something like this! :D Todd Templeton
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    ID these doors on 50' Southern boxcars

    Jim and Trey, I think ya'll are both correct. It looks like the bottoms of the doors were cut off and replaced. I found a couple of other cars with the same treatment, here's one; It looks like most of the doors on the cars...

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