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    Cheap Kadee uncoupler

    This may not be considered a "cheap kadee uncoupler" but it's an excellent replacement for Kadee uncoupler ramps. It can be located anywhere in the track system. This system is discreet, strong and reliable. I've successfully used this system to remotely uncouple cars for years. The heart of...
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    Monthly Picture Thread - June 2021

    John Murrary Coal Maintenance and Truck Repair shop getting a new roof ....
  3. MOWboss

    Cleaning car weights

    Try curtain weights.
  4. MOWboss

    Taking my Time & Exploring Layout Ideas while Playing w/ SCARM

    How will you identify box cars as "empty or full?" I'm sure you plan for removable loads for gon, flat and hoppers.
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    What Heat Shrinking Tube Should I Use? And about soldering.

    I use the insulation I strip off 22, 24 gauge (or smaller) wire. The solid leads of the LEDs will slip in nicely but a bit stiff. Additionally you could color code each lead.
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    Taking my Time & Exploring Layout Ideas while Playing w/ SCARM

    You can still have a double main line if you convert the bridge to a gauntlet track.
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    HO Scale - Industry Facade - Distance off Wall?

    Years ago Walthers offered "Cornerstone Modulars." These were large or small brick walls, loading docks, foundations, etc... The walls could be stacked to whatever height desired or added to make a building as long as you want. If you can find these modulars you could knock out an industry...
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    Signage Hack

    Came across my stash of sign hacks. Thought I'd share. The sign board is about 24" square (HO). File off the logo, trim to size, paint. I plant these at essential locations; turnout numbers, uncouplers or wherever. I've used decals or made paper prints (UN C) to glue on. They're cheap, pretty...
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    New On30 Layout.

    How will you achieve precise track alignment?
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    To ballast or not to ballast......

    Several years ago my DIY outlet had a clearance on "Spectra Lock -Part C" grout. The Part C product is colored powder only. This particular system requires you to add part A and part B liquids and then add the part C - color. I picked up several cardboard quart cartons ( remember those days?)...
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    Adding general sound

    Don't know if there's been a discussion on this topic. A few weeks ago I came across Ngineering web site. They have a large library of sound (and light effects) that has added a new dimension to my layout. I ordered #81(Fog horn & surf sounds) to my harbor area a few weeks ago. Just finished...
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    Taking my Time & Exploring Layout Ideas while Playing w/ SCARM

    Thanks for digging out the bridge post. Frameless style cabinet hinges - who knew. Like they say - the next one..... Sadly I'm too long in the tooth to attempt to modify or make changes. Besides bridge derailments are a perfect excuse to exercise the work train......
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    New On30 Layout.

    Sorry bout that... I drew the "Y" at the wrong end. I wanted to comment on how similar your drawing was to my operation. This is more to what I have for my sawmill/logging operation. I actually had to go and look - must be the Alzheimers setting in... Like an ice cream on a cone.... I only use...
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    New On30 Layout.

    Just a comment on your photo 2(I believe). I have a similar design for my sawmill - Sawmill complex in the middle with a "Y." One leg of my Y goes up into the forest and the other leg off to market. My track work looks about that crooked too.........
  15. MOWboss

    Taking my Time & Exploring Layout Ideas while Playing w/ SCARM

    Iron Horseman offers a good insight about running trains thru a wall. Outbound trains could be made up in your closet and sent off to peddle their cargo or end up at your classification yard. If your in a position to eliminate your closet you might want to consider it as storage for all the...

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