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    Proto 2000 GP38-2 Issues

    Glad that you have found a fix without too much angst. While I would have liked mine to be a solution I must give a couple of corrections to my posts. CV57 I assumed this was a commonly used CV but it turns out only(of the 2 makers) Digitrax uses it for user control. All I can find for NCE...
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    Proto 2000 GP38-2 Issues

    only if you want it fixed :-) EVEN in that case In 2009 I had a problem that displayed similar symptoms, had suggestions to "clean wheels", "defective decoder", "reset decoder", "lubricate" etc but nothing worked until I was put on track to BEMF. You can find my frustrations with it by...
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    Proto 2000 GP38-2 Issues

    Turn OFF Back EMF While it seems contrary to the description Back EMF may be an issue Verify that BACK EMF is off Set CV57=0
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    d nd error on Digitrax Zephyr

    KB362 Atlas DCC Decoder Programming Problem ("d nd") on DCS 50 from digitrax web site.... There are decoders now present in the market that do not draw enough current for the programming track to reliably detect that they are present, hence the error report of "d-nd". All you have to do...
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    Atlas Classic series

    TCS 1.5v support I can't speak about the A4X but the TCS A6X has pads for direct support/provision of 1.5volts and is well documented. ,,,, ken
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    Guess I am committed

    Good job but a little nit Good job but a little nit Your center 3 bays(2 bents) are unsound. The beams supporting them are insufficient for the load. The real world would have used a truss arrangement for the center spans and no partial bents. ,,,ken
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    Please help a newbie. I know what I want, just don't know "how."

    DCC Train Shuttle by Tam Valley Depot I would use DCC and this product. DCC Train Shuttle by Tam Valley Depot Use the Train Shuttle to automatically run a train back and forth for demos, breaking in locomotives or just for fun. Also makes a really simple way to run a DCC locomotive with...
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    TamValleyDepot Train Shuttle

    TamValleyDepot Train Shuttle Are there any alternatives to this direction reversing device? It is not a typical autoreverser but is a point to point automation device. thanks ,,, ken
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    Dont buy Athearn Genesis GP9

    Serious?? This is HO, right??? You must be kidding..... take care ,,, ken
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    Athearn Genesis F7 AB units ( DC mode )

    Reference point -Good deal For reference I got on Ebay a new HO Intermountain GN -EB F7A & F7B with factory DCC/sound for $155 USD delivered for the pair. Whenever I get a deal it spoils me and keeps me trying to better it. good hunting ,,, ken
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    Clear window plastic crazed/fogged

    thanks Thanks for the suggestions. I'll see how it works out ,,,, ken
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    Clear window plastic crazed/fogged

    Is there a method to polish/repair clear window plastic that is crazed/fogged due to misuse of glue?? thanks ,,, ken
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    Cannot get my virtual COM port to work with DecoderPro

    Nce jmri Obviously being an ITPro you have updated the driver for Win 8 and read the Prolific disclaimer about unsupported chip versions. Also why are you not using the NCE COM-USB adapter?? edit "NCE USB Interface, which is mostly for use with the PowerCab, not the Power Pro or Powerhouse...
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    Smoke Stack "Hats"

    Juice carton stacks These come on gable top cartons, 2 liter/quart in size with screw top. Brands are just about any including Minute maid & Oasis oj and others but are probably different in US. ,,,ken
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    Building the Pinnacle Creek Mining & Timber Co. RR

    #54 == 1.397mm == 0.055in #54 == 1.397mm == 0.055in almost exactly halfway between 1/16 & 3/64 real easy to look up online :) ,,, ken

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