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    Super Cheap roadbed.

    Hi Steve, Just one question, how does Depron handle isoproyl alcohol? Some foams melt. Just curious as here in the UK it's a bit dearer and as I use iso for various things would be interested to know before I pay out. Angie
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    Newbie in need of help

    The TECH 4 MRC 260 is a DC controller with momentum and brake built in. The user manual (which is laughable) is linked to at the bottom of the link the OP originally posted. Angie
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    ebay bidders are nuts!

    Not strictly true. I'm in the UK and building a North American RR. On Ebay Uk there are very few US models which I can afford. Recently I bought a Mint Dash 8-40BW with decoder. My max bid was to be £70 which is a lot cheaper thqan a new one with decoder over here. I sniped 15 seconds from...
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    Turnout indicater

    Have a look here. Scroll down to 'SIMPLE CIRCUIT FOR 3-WIRE TWIN-COILS' HTH Angie
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    price increases again

    Ironically if you replace Chinese references in your statement with US or British you arrive at the reason the US and the UK manufacture very little at all compared to 20-30 years ago. We all wanted more wages, central heating, cars and larger and better TV's. Not sure about the air con as we...
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    new guy .. new layout !

    Railmodeller Has a trial, not known how limited RailEdit 3.0 Discontinued but you might be able to find it somewhere. Empire Express Has a demo but save and print are disabled. 3D Railroad Concept And Design Has demo but not sure what the limitations are. HTH
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    Powering LEDs in a structure

    If the LED has a forward voltage of 1.5-1.8 volts you could power it using one 1.5V battery without a resistor.
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    Sanborn Maps

    Use it at Click "BROWSE MAPS" then you can get the forbidden message I got ;) Some are available through here
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    Sanborn Maps 'S all I know. I'm in the uk so no chance for me :) Angie
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    Best layout software?

    I have to agree with Joe Daddy. 3rdP is definately the one for 3D testing of a layout before actually building it. I took 1 year to design then test, test and test again before starting to build any baseboards. I redeisgned various areas over that time with no trouble and then came more...
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    Anyone know how to make Birch trees?

    Search through this thread. That's why it's pinned. I saw, somewhere in it's wealth of information, birch trees.
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    Looking for Liftout or other idea

    This shows you various methods of joing boards (Scroll down 1/3 to the Fixing across board joitns section) This is the coper clad board in the UK I have no idea where you'd get it in the US Angie
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    Looking for Liftout or other idea

    You could always keep the liftout, but adapt it slightly. Using the image below, build the framework so that the board can only be pushed so far to the left. Not sure if this is already the case as the image isn't at the angle required to see it. Then a fixing of some sort to hold it firmly...
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    Need help to plan layout

    I see a small problem, or two :) In the pic I've uploaded I've put a red box around the problem area. 2 reverse loops. While usually not a problem, the length of the reverse loops are normally the length of your longest train which I believe is including trucks/carriages. Those more versed...
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    Looking for Liftout or other idea

    This is it.

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