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    Checklists for layout planning

    One, I was not offended, just explaining why they are not on my list of "to do" stuff is all. I only posted lists of things I have tried or want to try is all. :D And thanks for the compliment. Much a appreciated :D
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    20,000 pageviews, thank you

    Sheesh you will make me blush. Thanks a lot for your comments. :D:D:D:D I much appreciate what you have to say. It encourages me to do more. Thanks again :D
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    Checklists for layout planning

    Actually I don't do shipping and receiving stuff if you mean for trucks. That is why I didn't include it. As for finding it I suppose I could if I looked for it. However I only put up things that I have done, not what others have done as I do not want to get into a copyright battle with anyone...
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    20,000 pageviews, thank you

    Just wanted to thank all f you guys for the fact that I recently reached 20,000 age views in the model railroading section of my websites. Thanks guys. I could never have done it without you. :)
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    Checklists for layout planning

    I have added a bunch of checklists that some of you may find helpful when planning your layouts. You can find the link by scrolling down to todays date on my main page [where I post all updates by the way]. The link is in my signature. :) I hope that someone finds them helpful.
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    Strange request

    Well as no one seems interested I won't waste anyones time here by telling you I now have video tutorials. Bye all
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    Strange request

    Ok well just thought you might want to know that someone nearby gave me a sony camcorder. I was hoping it would be a model RR but it was not to be. Anyhow, as soon as I can afford tapes [or get some for free? ] I will be shooting video tutorials if any one is interested.
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    Plywood or foam?

    I use foam on plywood. Pop over to my site to see how I did it if you wish. :)
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    What brand of track and why?

    Carey pop over to my site, I have some pics of them. If you think that is cheating, try some LOL. :D I am willing to bet a few others would like to 'cheat' like that LOL :)
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    Strange request

    As some of you may or may not know, I am making tutorials on my website. What my request is is this. If anyone has an old cam corder they don't want, I would appreciate it so I can make videos of what I am doing and post them for others. It can even be as old as one of those old VHS camcorder...
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    Laying the track

    Since any of you may have visited I updated the links to the pics so it should be easier to follow now. Also as a teaser I linked to the pictures of the stub switches. I will write the article when it is cooler. Til then enjoy.
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    weekend photo fun 07-21-2006

    If I am not having as much fun as those kids, then I am taking my 'hobby' too seriously. :)
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    What brand of track and why?

    I make my own stub switches so I don't have problems with points LOL. As for rail, I am currently using code 83 because it was on sale from $1.80 per rail to 20 cents per rail if I took the last 150 rails off of this stores hands. They hadn't sold any for a loooong time. I lay my own track and...
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    Weather attempt 1

    sheesh, I wish my 'first' attempts were half that good. The first two pics inparticular are very very good from what i see of them. You seem to be a natural for this. Good going :)
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    A Goody For The Oldtimers

    So true so true. Yet idiots called PSYCHOlogists will say our children are better off now. Look at a newspaper, yeah right.

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