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As some of you may or may not know, I am making tutorials on my website.
What my request is is this. If anyone has an old cam corder they don't want, I would appreciate it so I can make videos of what I am doing and post them for others.
It can even be as old as one of those old VHS camcorder. I am not picky and I am not making TV quality videos, just so long at it is NTCS [that's north american] and not PAL [that's european format], also that it works. I only want to show how to do things easier for beginners and old timers alike.
I have no intention of charging for these either.

Anyhow, if you can help email me at
Thanks for your time. :)


Ok well just thought you might want to know that someone nearby gave me a sony camcorder. I was hoping it would be a model RR but it was not to be. Anyhow, as soon as I can afford tapes [or get some for free? ] I will be shooting video tutorials if any one is interested.


Well as no one seems interested I won't waste anyones time here by telling you I now have video tutorials. Bye all


Stay off the tracks!
Huh, this thread must have been pushed a fair distance down the Active Topics list whenever I was here the past couple weeks. Hadn't seen it until now.

Glad to hear you found a camcorder, I'm afraid I can't spare mine.



Just because no one responded to your posts doesn't mean no one is interested. It is possible that your post got pushed down or off the first page and wasn't seen by many people.

Do you have the means to post a sample of your videos on the forum? I'm sure more people would be interested if they could see some of you video work.

Darrell, quiet...for now


Stephen, the lack of response was probably because no one had a camera to give you as requested in your post. Certainly doesn't mean they are not interested in your videos. Help is always welcomed by most.


Diesel Detail Freak
I'd say pick up a simple digital video camera, or a still that does video. My Digital video camera can do MPEG onto a memory stick, makes some SUPER clear video, or the normal video, then trasfer via USB to Windows Movie Maker... I dunno exactly how you want to do it.

As for cost, mine cost all of $330 brand new, shipped to Iraq.

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