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    Add one line to the story per post.

    spray bomb can I found under...
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    Multi level,multi scale.Your thoughts please.

    I have both N and HO running around in my basement. I chose to run the HO layout on the bottom so it would be closer to the ground in case gravity overcame the little hands that would be handling some of the trains. All of the nephews love coming over to the house because of the layout but they...
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    An awesome Train Cam movie.....

    WOW, that was cool!:D If that doesn't provide inspiration to get back down to the basement and work on the layout some more, I don't know what does. That must be a fun club.
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    What Kind Of Glue?

    Thanks for the advise guys. I tried the Elmers white glue route last night because I have a bunch of that stuff laying around. We'll see tonight how well it holds. This is my first layout using foam. So far I have to say that it has been easier to work with than the old newspaper and plaster...
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    What Kind Of Glue?

    I’m using the pink home insulating foam to build up my mountains and I’m not sure what type or brand of glue to use to keep them bonded together. I’ve heard that if you use the wrong type of glue it all turns into a gooey mess. :confused:
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    Which Roadbed would you Suggest?

    Hi Jack, I've used both the tried and true cork roadbed and the Woodland Scenic roadbed. I prefer the Woodland Scenic roadbed. I've found that it is easier to form around curves and splice into sections. The trick to using it is to first layout your track plan very precisely on your base...
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    New N scale layout photos -FINALLY!

    Great pics guys!!! Hopefully I'll get my layout completed enough someday to get some pictures posted here. I’m just starting on the landscaping so maybe next month. Your pictures give me inspiration and a kick in the pants to get it going.
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    New N scale post! New N scale post!

    I've got a small Z-scale oval that I take out and run periodically. The people at Caboose Hobbies love me because I’ll buy just about anything that’s D&RGW. It’s a cute little train but they’re hard to handle. I’ve also started a dual N/Nn3 narrow gauge line on my layout. I’ve got a really...
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    Just because I am an Nscaler

    I have the Wyoming car because that is where the wife is from. Always trying new ways to get her involved so that it becomes easier to get her to loosen the grip on the checkbook. I’ve been eyeing the 12 Days of Christmas collection but haven’t been able to talk myself into it yet.
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    Breaking News! Tsunami is being shipped.

    They sound great on the web site. Makes me wish I modeled in HO. Hopefully they can get on with the SurroundTraxx system for us N-Scale nuts now.
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    Problem with Lenz LH-100

    Hi All, Thanks for the tips. After working with your tips, talking with my LHS and a few other people that know far more than I about DCC I spent all weekend trying to trouble shoot the problem and hopefully breathe life back into the command station, but no luck. I talked with Debbie Ames...
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    Problem with Lenz LH-100

    Hello All, I'm having a problem with my LH-100 system. When I turn on the power to the system the only thing that happens is the hand held flashes "LH-100" and there is no red light on the LZV100 although it must be getting power to the hand held somehow. The power pack seems to be working...
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    Problem with Digitrax DN163K0b Decoder

    Thanks Larry, resetting the decoder worked. Out of five installations that I was doing that was the only one that had to be reset. I was banging my head against the wall. I appreciate the help.
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    Problem with Digitrax DN163K0b Decoder

    It responds just as if it didn’t have a decoder installed. It goes forward and reverse but I can’t control the light or get it to respond on the program track. It acts as if it has the original blank board installed.
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    Problem with Digitrax DN163K0b Decoder

    I installed the Digitrax DN163K0b decoder in a new Kato F3 A-Unit this morning and all I’m getting is the buzzing sound like when you run a loco without a decoder. The loco runs fine but it doesn’t seem to function like the decoder is installed in it. The three previous installations in the...

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