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    How To Wire

    Looks like I might have gotten to far ahead of myself. Need to learn about using the auto reverse modules. Where on my layout would I need them placed? I'm not sure I'm understanding the reading from the link posted. Sorry, I'm a newbie with dcc.
  2. brubakes

    How To Wire

    The crossing is not an over under. It's just a simple 19 degree crossing.
  3. brubakes

    How To Wire

    I'm hoping someone can help me with how to wire my layout. Attached is a very crude layout picture. It's basically a outer and inner loop with a figure 8 in the middle of the inner loop. I'm using DCC for controlling it. Currently my issue is that with the center "X" connected nothing will...
  4. brubakes

    Who's Layout Is This

    Thanks CBCNSfan. I appreciate the explanation.
  5. brubakes

    Who's Layout Is This

    Thanks guys
  6. brubakes

    Another 4X8 I mean 5x10

    Sounds like a good start. I'll be fallowing along as I'm about at the same point as your are with my 5'x10' layout.
  7. brubakes

    Who's Layout Is This

    Not trying to be a smart rear end here, looking for info, but what the difference if I post as an attachment or post an image link to another hosted service? It would be displayed just the same. Is it just that the file isn't physically hosted on this forum's servers?
  8. brubakes

    Who's Layout Is This

    Sorry but you told on yourself, it's not your photo. Uploading photos you do not have permission to use, to the forums to display is against the rules. Sorry about that I do believe Photobucket doesn't seem to mind but use a link do not post a photo you do not own. Cheers Willis
  9. brubakes

    I need to formally apologize

    I have to agree with you. Sounds like a three year old throwing a temper tantrum. In any case you (OP) are the bigger man for apologizing and at least trying to right things.
  10. brubakes

    train going through floodwaters

    which would still be pretty deep.
  11. brubakes

    locomotive timeline

    Anyone know if there a time-line online that shows when all the different locomotives were in production? Maybe a separate one for steam and diesel.
  12. brubakes

    LGB Situation

    Thats too bad. I would love to see new LGB products.
  13. brubakes

    LGB Situation

    I've been away from the world of LGB for some time. About 10-15 years. So did they go under or stop shipping to the US? I know Walther's have become a reseller of their stuff, but it sure seems like only slim pickens are left and they are hard to get a hold of.
  14. brubakes

    What do you do for a living?

    I work in I.T.
  15. brubakes

    where can I find this caboose

    Thats the issue, I'm not that advanced.

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