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Your Favorite Scale

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Just asking. Whats your favorite scale? Thanks,
Chris Moore
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Interesting question. It would be fun to know if people are modeling in a scale that's NOT their favorite. For example, my first choice would be HO because there's so much one can do in a small space, and it's possible to do so at relatively little cost. But I've gone into G Scale because I can't see or handle the small stuff anymore. Others might have different preferences for different reasons that would be interesting to the rest of us.

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Hello, I'm not sure about a favorite, my set has HO printed on the box so I guess that has to be my favorite its the only one i got.


I like HO because it is a good compromise between size and space. 'N' scale would be nice as you can fit lots in a small area, but I think it would be too hard to kit-bash, paint and detail. (though so very tallented people do so very good work) I think 'HO' is very easy to work with. (as I get older, my choice may move up a scale, only time will tell :) )


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Well I do have HO, but eyesight and fingers are making larger scales look more attractive. However I doubt I'll change at this stage of the game.
Cheers Willis


HO, best compromise between size/space as CP9302 says, as well as excellent level of detail without stuff being too fragile for people like me.


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I've been modeling H.O. since 1961, so, I guess you can say that is my favorite.
I would like to have an outdoor layout in G, but, It's to expensive for me, but, since Lady Railfan(Claudia) is so rich she can afford that big train. LOL


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HO, but if I ever go through a mid-life crisis, I'll switch to F scale (1:29). The GP38-2s, GP30s, SD45s and SD40-2s I've seen are mind blowing. Just imagine the level of detail you could take weathering on those monsters!


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CBCNSfan said:
Yes, but will you be able to lift them? :D
Cheers Willis
Hmmm, I'll have to stick with Burlington Northern models if I can't lift them. That way if they derail, I'll just leave 'em there. A little rain and they'll blend right in with the green grass!


I like TYCO!
RCH said:
Hmmm, I'll have to stick with Burlington Northern models if I can't lift them. That way if they derail, I'll just leave 'em there. A little rain and they'll blend right in with the green grass!

Why not model the Milwaukee Road. That way, if they derail, it is prototypical. :D


My favourited Scale is the H0 Scale of 1/87 or sometimes 00 Scale of 1/76. Baoth Scale I use to build my own RR Layout together with a friend of mine. The Rolling Stock is mostly in H0 Scale, but some Road Vehicles, Figures or Structures are in 00 Scale of 1/76 which will not become a problem, because the Figures are reflecting then taller people.
H0 Scale is 3.5 mm to 1 inch and 00 Scale is 4 mm to 1 inch, this little difference is not important.
Some of our selfmade Structures or houses are built and measured in Scale of 1/100, because the metric System allows it for easier scratchbuilding or building our selfmade Structures.
Our Standard Gauge RR is in H0 Gauge of 16.5 mm but we are using a Narrowgauge of 9 mm, too. This Narrowgauge is called H0n30 or H0e or 00-9 and we use another Narrowgauge for our planned Streetcar Scenery called H0m or H0n3.5 !
Our Standard Gauge RR is the fictional Great Western & Atlantic RR and the H0n30 Narrowgauge is the fictional Liberty - Oil & Coal Lumber RR. The Planned Streetcar Company will be the Liberty Tramway Co.!
Our Roadname is a fictional RR Company of the Middle West during the End of the Prohobition Era around the year of 1932.


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Wilkommen Rhinegold! I believe you'll find the forums a great place for questions and ideas, as well as posting photos and stories from your own layout. It sounds like you are involved in quite the complex layout! I'd like to encourage you to upload photos of your layout to the gallery and here in the forums. If you need help, don't be shy...there are plenty of folks here eager to assist. :)


Many Thanks, that you welcomed me.
The Layout, that I build with my friend Manni is a modular Layout, only four modules we built alltogether, but planned are more than 80. We've work for the next 260 years. Ok that will be a little joke but we are building a large Layout of different Modules. At least we decided to create a size in metric Scale of 100 cm X 75 cm or in imperial Scale of 39 3/8" X 29 9/16".
We are building the Modules to show it anywhen in the Future to the Public at any Trainshow. Yes we've got a lot of Pics allready. We are glad to share them with you, but we need sometimes coments, or tips what we can make better, because no one of us were at the USA before.
Fictional RR's in general are great to create the own Signal Rules and to fit the Equipment with the best Locos we can get. Both we are doing, so we combine Prussian and Bavarian Semaphores together with british Semaphores sometimes and adopting Signal Rules from anywhere or creating our own.
We are building a fictional RR but we hope to show the Real Way of Life of the 1930's in the Middle West and South of the USA, with all problems of that Period of Time.
As Example is to say the Apertism and the Industrial Robbery of Nature Resurces and the Dirty Nature Resorts, like poisoned Lakes or Rivers and the upcoming Poorness and Transition Era during the beginning Depression Era.


I currently model N scale, but I'm really HO at heart. I was in HO growing up as a kid but switched to N scale right now because I live in an apartment with not alot of room. While N scale has improved over the last few years, I do find detailing, cleaning, etc difficult due to the smaller size. My fingers/hands don't seem to want to work in n scale!

I'm amazed at all the product now in HO. So much detail and excellent craftmanship. My dream layout will be HO and probably DCC. So much more possibilities


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