Ya'll join me in wishing...

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grande man

Bonafied Grande Nut
A big Happy Birthday to Rexhea!


And I had him figured for the late 40's... (Yes, Rex, I do take paypal ;) :D )


S.L.O.&W. Trainman
Happy Birthday, Rex!! If they give a cake with all the candles on it be sure to have a fire extingusher close by. Ya can't be too safe ya know.....:p You got me by a year and 45 days.....:D


House Mother, Cheerleader
Hmph. Just a KID! Party Hearty!!! *clink* (Remember, we don't get OLDER.... we just get BETTER!

Many Happy Returns. :D


Lazy Daydreamer
Hmmm....61 huh? Might need the ol' airbrush compressor to help you blow out all those candles!:rolleyes: But in any event...HAPPY BIRTHDAY Rex!!!


Oh Wow! Thanks so much for the best wishes and good humor. I would like to rearrange those numbers to 16, but then I would have to get up and go to school tomorrow:D .

Grande Man: You know I have been wanting to tell that you are the greatest modeler in the whole world...the greatest explorer...the greatest...
The check is in the mail (I still owe LGM). :D :D

Ray/KenL: Thank goodness my neighbor is a Fireman. :eek: :D

Getty: When I turned 50, AARP sent me their application and I hid it. Now I welcome all discounts ... even when the young sweeties are around:cool: .

Chris/Coyote: Thank you very much. I don't like counting them, but sure like getting them.;)

Claudia: Thank you for the toast. I always say it like I feel: 'Just an older young person.'


Diesel Detail Freak
*faints* REX you DO NOT look that old! I was figuing late 40's early 50's! No lie! Happy bday! Hope you got 61 new train items today!


Avid People Watcher
Ladies and Gentlemen....Miss Marilyn Monroe!!!

Hap-py Birthday to you

Hap-py Birthday....to you,

Hap-py Birth-day Mr. President of your own minaturemodelworld,

Happy Birthday, to You!!!!

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Many more thanks to you guys. You sure know how to make a guy feel good. Don't you just love Marilyn's voice (Thanks Johnny)

Josh, I'm sending you something bigger than a check.:D :D
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Diesel Detail Freak
Well thanks Rex! That was a most honest guess too. I really think I need to update my age guessing software. Well hey, my dad still gots ya beat, by 10+ years!

Steve B


Have a great time,,, 61 I thought you were only in your early 50's,,, must have been the picture of you and Carey that threw me;)


Running the MC & Buffalo
HiallAnd RexI just had my first senior citizen discount on Sunday . And you kmow it felt good LOL


M.E.S.S. Maker

I was born in Sixty... wait now...:confused: Sorry Rex wrong decade:p

Anyway Have a grand one and may we see you for many, many more Bonfires!


(hateful little git aren't I!)

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