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Welcome to the New Year, time of screwed up check writing, on the month AND year, new years resolutions, and more... Lets see what you got, you had last weekend off, I know some of you got new trains for Christmas, come on! Oh Post those resolutions too, maybe we can help you keep them.

I'll try & post the Wheel Works Terminal Tractor tonight, or tomorrow moring.
OK, Almost New Years here in Bama. Been listening to NPR on the radio. Prairie Home Companion is having a New Years Special and its on the radio now.

As most of you have seen I got a new camera from my sweet wife and she promised me more. It just hadn't arrived. Well today it arrived! I just had to take a picture of the whole setup for WPF!:p:p

Its a complete, custom built train and layout. Not sure what the cost was, but it had to be massive.:rolleyes:

My sweet wife went all out! Please note the details of the engineer, his fireman, the conductor back in the caboose! Note how realistic the scenery is in all its glory! I bet yall wish your layouts look this good.;);)

I am so amazed by all this.:D:D

Again everyone,


One pic here, track plan for for my dad's layout, most likely the final *minus construction revison*. As you read the text in the image, it'll explain a little of the vison I got...

The forward most track will be raised on a steel viaduct, the RR's shops and micro-yard are on a raised hill on the lower right. The station will be most likely where it shows in the text, either that or in the middle crossover. The river will be a fairly deep gorge, in the area of 6 inches from the lower town basin, 9-12 from the other side! The lake in the back however will be in the area of 2-3 inches below the RR bridge. The top left has a raised hill area with a mine (primary customer of the RR).

I still need to work in an interchange track somewhere, where stuff can go in and out, and an industry or 2 for switching.

The RR will employ 3 maybe 4 Alco's, 2-3 steam engines (old power, but still used on occasion), and 2 smaller switchers, a GE 44 ton & GE 25 ton. RR rolling stock will include Tichy 22' ore hoppers and some sort of 3 bay steel hoppers. In the area of 20 total, plus some other stuff, 30' flat, fmr CNW caboose, and maybe a transfer caboose. One plow of some sort, and a Rotary too, maybe, after all this RR is a fictional Northern WI, Upper MI RR.

Outside rolling stock will also venture in, of coarse, and if I could only get my dad the new comp, and get him into coming here, someone could interchange and get some of his raw goods, lol.

Anyways, from this plan you can't see, but I plan to cram this layout, at least the town half, as tight as possible, so it looks interesting. Lots of action, buildings, cars, and people. Narrow alleys and retaining walls... The RR's yard will be accessed via a dirt/gravel road on next to the tracks, with the retaining wall on the other side. It'll probly be chainlink fenced, and gated with a guard house.
As you can see from the parking lot, it has been a great year for the BC&W Railways. Shown here is the General Manager and his...err...co-workers soaking up some rays.

Can't understand why the Yard crews want a pay raise. I gave all of them a chicken for Christmas. Sheeesh! They haven't been happy since those danged organizers came down last spring.
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I guess a couple of things I need to accomplish (I don't do resolutions, I always break them) is get DCC installed and get some roads layed on the RR layout, though at the moment it keeps all my truckers out of work ;)

Personally, (hopefully I don't get in trouble), be a better witness to Christ.

Is that the Yard master's secretary sitting on the hood? If so that's the longest skirt I've seen her wear since she was hired!

Wadda she do? Marry the old geezer?

Merry....OOOPPPs wrong holiday! We already done that!

Happy New Year!
Cjcrescent said:
Is that the Yard master's secretary sitting on the hood? If so that's the longest skirt I've seen her wear since she was hired!

Wadda she do? Marry the old geezer?

Merry....OOOPPPs wrong holiday! We already done that!

Happy New Year!
Yeah, that's her all right. She has settled down a lot since that L&N hit the Yard office and she took off running with her drawers showing. Check out the GM's blond bomber.
Congratulations Carey! Glad to see that you have started your layout:rolleyes: :p
Boy, that new camera sure makes it sharp.
HAPPY NEW-... Hey, where's everybody at this morning?!

Carey, I see you've made up your first consist for the Alabama Central - nice! Correct me if I'm wrong, but I always thought those Appalachian coal hauling trains were a tad less shiny and colorful?:p :D

Josh, that's a neat plan for your Dad's layout, esp. the viaduct over the town center. Reminds me of a place near where I live - Ellicott City, Maryland - where the street and buildings are all ~25ft below the R-O-W. [Got flooded pretty bad during Hurricane Agnes in 1972.] Can't wait to see the finished product!

Rex, was the GM aware that he was being photographed? How's his wife going to react when she sees this? Tsk tsk, he should'a given the guys more than chickens for Christmas....!:rolleyes:

Jeff, your track plan is looking good, I see there are quite a few lineside industries - should offer plenty of operation scenarios!

David, I still have to pave a number of roads on my pike as well. I'll have to do some serious brain-pickin' with Johnny to see how he does his...

As for photos of my own, I'm with Chris in that I have nothing completed to post. I've already shared about the clearance debacle in my Iron Belt progress thread. At the moment, pieces of my mothballed blast furnace are spread around the train room while I try to remember what connects to where --- when you haven't looked at something for 3 years, it can be pretty confusing. Originally I wanted to get more done on the rest of the layout before tackling the blast furnace, but worrying about trying to rebuild it ---and make it all fit --- was dampening my enthusiasm for working on the layout at all, so I decided I'd confront it head-on.

See you all later!
Last pictures from me this weekend, I have to had back to Kingman AZ today, only to return tomorrow!

BNSF #801 progress, In this picture you can see the stripes & lettering was added, I've gotten the reflective stripes on the Engineer's side done since.
View attachment 2529

Next two are the Wheel Works terminal tractor. I got 2 of these bugger on eBay, complex to build, but better looking then the old Magnuson/Walthers one. When built it'll give me a total of 4 terminal tractors for the San Bernadino intermodal yard.
View attachment 2530
View attachment 2531

And the cab from the Walthers pulpwood truck, going to be on an Athearn chassis, to be a road tractor, and the pulpwood trucks chassis will become a road tractor too.
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Hi everyone. For my 1000th post, I'm here in WPF. ;)

Nice pics everyone.

Rex, I love that detail shot!

Josh, Man, when you get a RR built, it's gonna get populated with trains, trucks, etc real quick. ;) Nice looking work, as usual.

We didn't have any new pics, so I just went down and snapped a couple. :p Here's a couple of detail shots of LGM's new loco. In one, the fiber optic line for the newly installed class lights is showing. I'll take care of that next time I have the shell off. ;)

On the downgrade run from Borden Explosives.

And the other side.
I know it's Monday and not Sunday but by the time I got these pics done it was way past bedtime.







I apologize for the picture quality I'm not doing to well with the learning curve of my camera

The twom pics below are a couple kitbashing projects I have going.When I'm done there will be six of the woodchip hoppers and sixteen of the covered ore cars.



That plan is sure and expansion from the WP I have known. It's like you've found freedom or Heaven or something.
here some shots of my new loco in the loco shop
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