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Hmm! why ia LGM looking at the camera instead of his train? ;) :D Good looking lad.
Hi Roman you are now into the wonderful world of model rail. :D I'll get back to your post a little later :confused:
It's been a difficult day and I'm glad it's about done. I went to the basement and tackled a job I've been too coward to attempt, but with the right frame of mind (don't ask) I decided to give it a try.
The prototype GP9 has a goofy roof and a goofier looking window so here it is

The Athearn cab doesn't conform to this very easily so here's my attempt, is it close enough? There isn't a lot to work with here that white is a thinned strip of credit card.
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Hi Roman, wow you must have had some grade. For a train set loco ( I'm not to positive of this right now but) you should limit the climb to about 3 inches in height over about 7 feet and that would be with only about 4 cars or less. All metal oxyidizes when exposed to air, lubrication hardens. So when they are being run the lube remains pliable and the oxides are worn off. In storage the reverse happens. Even new locos run better after a break in period. I'll be looking forward to the photos of the changes you've made to the layout.



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CBCNSfan said:
Hi Roman, wow you must have had some grade.
The main reason I'm not touching double-decking again is the luck of space. Thus I couldn't afford a nice slow grade...:p
I'll be looking forward to the photos of the changes you've made to the layout.
I've made lots, you can say a bit too much.

You can see the bridge and ramp in consturction. The third shot shows how far the train was able to "climb" in reverse. Today I ran that engine in reverse for a couple loops with the 4 cars, and not only does it run, it doesn't even derail anymore! The BN loco has really comeback to life. Even more impresively is running her at full speed down the strait. She pulls hard, but you have to be carefull to slow it down before the corners.


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But that was the past. Now here's the relaity.

First of all I feel very sorry for my CP Geep, because it has the new style couplers. Thus it cannot couple up to any of my rolling stock and must do everything alone (but that'll change soon). So I made a couple tributes to it.
A roster:
And two movies:
This shows it sitting on insulated track as the BN train rolls by through the station:
Here it slowly rides past the waiting BN train at the site of the future passenger station

This is where I'm getting my "inspiration" for the whole CP Geep concept:
Before I left Winnipeg I made this short movie with the two Geeps (including 1530, the one modelled is 1522) idling at the station.

#1 Overview of the "new" layout. The major industry is in the foreground, the long sliding is to the left, yard and depo is to the right and the station is at the back. As you can see I still have the reverse loop.
#2 Overview of the yard. The bike in the back is what I use for railfanning, unfortunately the season for it is over.
#3 A small derailment, just like the way the boxcar has tilted.
#4 Already planning for the second deck Lego subway above the station. The three tracks (mainline, sliding and spur) are all part of the station, with the subway right above it for the big city feel.

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