Wpf 4/11-13/08

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I can't believe that I'm first. Let's see what everyone has.

Here's mine! SW1500 "backdated" to SW1000 status.


This started life as anSW1500, that I inherited from a friend. Another friend needed a SW1000. I know that there are "correct" SW1000's on the market, but my friend said this one would be good enough for him. I also did a little "poor man's" detailing, wire and scrap box parts, no money spent.


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I've only been home for a couple days so I knocked this together the other night using some old decals, Cat yellow paint, and a Bachman track cleaner from the scrap box. Lots of details to add yet, lots of dullcote and weathering, might change the numbers to a fantasy number as well.
So much for modeling this week as I just got called away again, this time on loan to Loram RG310 doing Cranbrook to Lethbridge... will have camera in hand!
Have a great weekend all!

Steve B

Carey Poor mans detailing,,, thats my kind of detailing :)

Loram rail grinder at Newton heath diesel depot open day last summer, the kids enjoyed sitting in the "pilots seat" great fun for them
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Not much done on Springhead Junction this week, just 2 LEDs added as security lights





On the downunder layout got some track laid but will have to come back up to fit last 2 point motors


And here is my latest vision of how the new layout will look




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Good day, Fellas. Nice series of images so far. Jeff, your first one is really crisp..nice FA.

Here is a variation of an earlier image.

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Steve B

Jeffery looks like you have a head for heights, nice townscape.
Crandell your up high as well for another great shot


i just started model railroading in january so this is what i have so far as far as motive power. An atlas sd-35. anthearn rs3 and a p1k c liner a and b. have backdrop just not installed yet:D
pics are crappy:(




drive in

first building that required painting no sign awning or dullcote yet


The Flange Squeal
thats some handsome power mike. question: what is the model/class on that green penn engine that resembles an F unit?


it is a proto 1000 c liner. they make a powered b unit. There is ladders and other detail that come with it that havent got put on yet


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Great work this weekend from all of you!

I have finally had some time to get back to the farm at the top of the hill.... The scenery, fence, and some details have been added behind where the barn will sit. I am still waiting on some n scale kits to finish a scratch built silo blower from the 1920's. (Now, your wondering why someone wants n scale kits for HO??? I am looking for wheels for the silo blower and the ones from the preiser horse drawn wagons will just about right.)

Here is the area as it now looks:


The area in front of the barn will have to wait till I finish the silo blower.... There will also be a Milkhouse (aka: Springhouse) for keeping the milk cold added in that area as well as an Aermotor water pump to pump the water to it, the cows, and into the house.

Another from a slightly different angle:


BTW, there is imaginary barbed wire fence between the fence posts... You see the wire don't you? I really don't like the looks of the only commercial barbed wire fencing I can find and since the fence would, in scale, be around 0.004" I figure the 3' rule applies.....
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My start to a Guilford SD40-2 fleet:)

All ex-NS, note the varying heritage. I have two more coming, 606 and 611. 606 will be another ex-SOU while 611 will be another ex-NW.

GRS never had 40-2s, but I numbered my fleet between the MEC SD40s (600-604) and the SD35/SD26s (614-649)

Randy, I borrowed your idea on the trucks;)


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I was out doing some research for my second N-scale diorama in Johnstown right next to the shops....

When along comes this big old four-header movin' around 5 SMPH.

Dragging among other things...this....


Steve B

planted some trees along the lineside today, they are some kind of sea plant, can't for the life of me remember what though
looking west

looking east

and looking south

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