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Long Winded Old Fart

What does your workbench look like?
Here's mine. I've been changing trucks, wheels, couplers & adding details to about 100 freight & passenger cars for about 2 days. Still have about another 2 or 3 whole days to finish. Dread starting on all my engines just to adjust all the couplers. have to buy a bunch of new couplers to finish them all. ;)
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Lazy Daydreamer
Depends on the viewing angle....

Front view, upon entering the family room: :)


View from behind: :eek:

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S.L.O.&W. Trainman
Mine started out life sometime in the 1860-70's as a square piano. A church I used to work at wanted to get rid of it. They found no museums were interested as they already had many of them in better shape, it was going to cost them $$ to send it to the dump, so I got it for free, removed the "harp" and whalla! A very nice workbench.


I also have another workbench that has my miniature table saw and some other equipment:

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Stay off the tracks!
I'm still trying to get organized so any level surface in my RR Room is a workbench - but I did find this neat little cart, originally intended as an office cart holding hanging files, at Costco for about $30. Move things around a bit, set the tool cabinet on top and all of the sudden I've got a portable workcenter, complete with all my airbrushing stuff.


Running the MC & Buffalo

Here's my workbench. working on a few NewYork Central freight and passenger cars among other stuff !

grove den

naturally natural trees
here you can see 1/2 of : mon petite atelier..


btw Bob: Isn't it very difficult to work at a place with so many curves.....and that everything still sticks to its place?
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Active Member
interesting thread with some nice workbenches. Mine's a little unique. My mom's dining room table, haha. im beeing serious. I guess beeing the first child and only son who still lives at home at the old age of 28, she cuts me alot of slack.

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