Winter Arrived With a Vengence!


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Hi Folks, well winter arrived here in Nova Scotia. The electrical power went out around 11PM Sat and we were one of the 100,000 homes without power. We didn't get it back till around 4AM this morning. So for that time we sat here in the near dark, freezing
So my regrets to any new members who didn't get the Royal Welcome and to any birthday greetings missed. I trust you'll understand! :D

Cheers Willis
Been there, done that but luckily I have boiler heat and need no electricity. I'm not ready for winter yet so keep it north please.
Hehehe... :rolleyes: We have a good ole' fashion coal stove for heat. Plus I have a laptop, so...wait a internet goes through a modem and a wi-fi power = no RRforum... :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek: Then again, we have a generator (well, more like 2 generators, one in the shed and one in the camper) so power issues can be overcome. Thank goodness! I don't know what I would do without this site :rolleyes:
Hm never thought I'd need any of that stuff, LOL 60 feet from the house is one of the minor power grids, I'm on my own transformer right off of it. Over the years we've had some minor outages couple of hours or so, nothing like this. Of course it has been going downhill since it went from public to private ownership. Guess I'll have to consider a generator unless they smarten up. Hmm! with a generator I could stay online since the cable Co. has their power backup systems. The house stayed livable since we have a thermal energy storage unit which continued to give off heat ( a bit stingy though) and read books with battery powered flurecents, We used a propane camp stove for our meals, so other than being a bit cool, AH well it's over this time thankfully. Usually we wonder if we'll have a white Christmas, but a snow storm in Nov. Man thats a way out of the norm.
Cheers Willis
I have cable internet (I feel blessed) but with the generator I could probably stay on...then again if the power's out here our cable is probably out too. I could always take a drive in the snow!! My go-kart is really fun on ice!! Since we live on a dead-end road, nobody really minds if I go up and down the lane (sideways) when we're off of school :D
LoL...I just now got your smiley thing...I read the title under properties...I was kinda wondering what was falling off... :rolleyes: :rolleyes:
sushob said:
LoL...I just now got your smiley thing...I read the title under properties...I was kinda wondering what was falling off... :rolleyes: :rolleyes:
Bob needs to get us some new smilies.

Anyways, back to the subject. When the power fails around here for an extended period of time, you can see the neighbors dash to their garages for the kerosene heaters. Longest was 12 hours on a bitterly cold night.
the kerosene heaters.
AH! I have 3 of them, one is a large radient heater, however my wife gets sick from the kerosene smell, which might be caused by her MS. I'm thinking of making an attachment for the thermal storage unit, all I require is a 12V fan and a bit of ducting to channel the air into the unit, I mean in all the time the power was off that thing remained hot, that's why the house remained livable because of radiated heat from it. When I went to town yesterday I bought the last four battery powered flourecent lights available, man there sure was a run on things like that. The thermal storage unit with a fan would give us at least 12 hours of heat so I guess that's what I'll concentrate on improving. While the power corporation was public owned we never had outages like this, but now that it's a private corporation I guess we can expect worse. Curse the govt. that sold it and us down the river.
Cheers Willis
LoL...I just now got your smiley thing...I read the title under properties...I was kinda wondering what was falling off...
Yeah I see what you mean, perhaps I'd better modify that one so the snow is coming from the sky :D
Cheers Willis
What??? Does this happen often? I live here now!
Seriously though, compared to Winnipeg, how bad could it be? I still remember saving the Weather forecast when it said that current conditions were -52C.
current conditions were -52C.
LOL you'd better hope that never happens here.
Hi Roman, it rarely goes below -2F around here, but I warn you it is a much different cold than what you are used too. There is a dampness that allows the cold to penetrate clothing. We don't have a lot of snow but there are storms coming in off the Atlantic that deposit large amounts of snow and cause a bit of trouble. Loss of electrical power is not very often so when it does occur it's effects are sort of catastropic. We're just not used to being without electrical power. Anyway here are a couple of shots after the storm. Enjoy the summer :D
Cheers Willis