What would you like to see?


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While balancing homework from 4 high-school honors classes, I'm in the midst of starting a model-railroading company. I'm going to be producing freight car loads, and I figured this is the best place to find out what modelers want. I have HO and N scale "Real Coal Loads" in the works, and I'm considering making loads for an HO gondola. So what type of loads would you like to see?

Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.


:) Nate
Most of the Gon's i see are loaded with Scrap Metal or long sections of pipe.

Good luck with your endeavors.
Well like Bob the only gondola loads I see nowdays are scrap metal ( and no two look alike) so you can have a lot of variation there. Another idea may be pulp wood loads for flatcars and pulpwood cars. Good luck

Cheers Willis
Yes, asymmetrical non-uniform pulpwood loads would go a long way toward making a commercial pulpwood load look more realistic. Then there's always steel slabs, the always elusive realistic looking scrap load, rotten crossties, dirt, even aggregate.

Good luck and I hope these suggestions help.
Norwegian freight cars à la G2...........


Coil Steel (upright, for crosswise loading). Steel wire rolls. Steel slabs on flatcars. Various diameters of pipe.


Thanks for all your help guys! Now if I could only interest you in some chemistry homework... :D . I'm working on a website for my company too...it's a little messy now but I'll post a link when I clean it up. I'd love to get some input on that as well.

Thanks again!