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Hi Y'all been awhile since I have posted here,been very busy.Say I am Modeling in Ho-Scale the ATSF SP in 1950's-1960's.I also have some New ATSF SP BNSF UP SD90-UP SD70M-UP ATSF-SD75M.UP SD40-2's UP-A600CW.The Buildings I use are in teh 1950's like in town,for teh Rail Yard I have a Concrete Coaling Tower Turntable Roundhosue.Wat Tower Sanding Tower Diesel Fueling Facilty 1950's.So would you think using the New UP,BNSF,ATSF Locomotives for my Era 1950's-1960's would look neat or Not good to Model in them Years.Thanks.I am also making this a Poll see how many of you think it would.Look Cool or Not Good At All.Or should I just stay with the 1950's-1960's Era,Please vote for Old Or New Thank you.I like too switch Era's back and fourth use the old Era then after a month or so go withe teh New Era.What would you do.
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BNSF4723 said:
I like too switch Era's back and fourth use the old Era then after a month or so go withe teh New Era.What would you do.
I would choose one and stick to it. Waffeling will cost more money in the long run, result in a less accurate and impressive layout, and ultimately not be as fulfilling. a modeling experience.

If you really can't stand just being a railfan of the other era, find a friend or club who is modeling the one you don't choose.
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You shouldn't worry about the buildings/structures for any time era moving forward. There are probably more older buildings standing today than new. Where you would have to make changes for the new would be in vehicles, people, and add some more modern structures to go with the old. Just a facelift should be all you need. Besides, if you want to run your new with the old and vice-versa...it's yours to do what you get enjoyment from.
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Diesel Detail Freak
I'd say modern, but thats a personal thing, its really up to what you like the most, or what you have more or, or whatever really...


Long Winded Old Fart
You have seen my layout here on the forum. I have a lot of old buildings & tons of modern structures. Then I run all kinds of engines & rolling stock.
I had all the older engines & didn't want to get rid of them. Now that I have a few more bucks I'm going to the more modern engines. I still run steam w/a bunch of old pass. cars(as a tourist RR). I'm getting ready to take my best engines(Kato, Stewart, Con-Cor, & the better stuff) & change the color scheme & most visitors won't even know the difference. Some of the older guys & gals might say something, but, you run what you want. I can't just throw away something because it's not the era & you should feel the same way.



I usally like the Old Era 1950's-1960's,But like I said in my post I have Modern Locos,SD40T-2's,SD40-2's,SD90MAC,SD70M,SD75M,AC400CW,GP40-2's.AMD 103's,So I have F7A's,F3A's,SD9's 2 GS4's 484's for my Older Era.So kinda of hard to dicid what I really like I do love the Older Era's.


Thanks for all of you too reply too my Topic I appreciate your help.You are all good friends too have on the Net.May All Of Your Best Wishes Come True Amen,God Bless The U.S.A:D


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I say add a flux capacitor to a couple of your modern locos and then pass them off as time traveling locomotives. :)

(For those that don't recognize it, it is a reference to 'Back To The Future')

I say run them both. Have fun and enjoy it. But, then again, I'm not one of them 'rivet counter' types. I'm just not that particular.



Running the MC & Buffalo
I was growing up inthe 50'-60's so that is what I lean too. I can remeber the early desiels and late steamers running from NewYork central to Niagara Falls out my back door so that is kinda a special time. But if you want to slip in a modern one .It should be yours to do what you want to. OLDGETTYSK


Workin' hard all the way!
I too say do what you feel is best. Just a guess, but I'm sure some of the rural towns in America have a lot of old buildings around with modern day railroads running through them. I think it would make your layout look alright.


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