WEEKLY PHOTO FUN 9-13 thru 9-19

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Time for winter yet?


That's some nice looking snow. I want a Winter scene on my layout. You'll have to post some of the Techniques..
Really jealous. Nice Job!


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That's some nice looking snow. I want a Winter scene on my layout. You'll have to post some of the Techniques..
Really jealous. Nice Job!

Thanks I appreciate that. What I did was. Got some of the spray can of Santa Snow flocking. Masked the walls and track off first with newspapers, sprayed the flocking. Then I used Woodland Scenics Snow product. It comes in a big shaker container. And just dusted it on. Its loose on there right now. And I can vacuum it up at any time if I want to remove it, or add a new fresh layer.

I did glue down the snow near the tracks, using white glue and water 50/50 mix.

Also, the trees were already snow flocked that I purchased.

I did this almost 3 years ago, and the snow is still looking good. I may however this winter, vacuum it up and add a new layer.

Gary B

The Fox Valley Railroad
A couple for this week. Nice work everybody.


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Dang Gary, every time I see your downtown Chicago scene, I see more that I haven't noticed before. In fact I don't remember seeing the photo on the left.
Really cool what you've done.


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I like city scenes as well, lots of possibilities for people based scenes and humorous cameos.

Gary B

The Fox Valley Railroad
Thanks Michael, I call the city Neenah, which there is such a place in Wisconsin. I actually named it after the Avenue I live on. I'm making no attempt to model Chicago, but living here some features have crept in. The raised road with the (wedding cake) pillars is modeled after Wacker Dr. that runs along the river here. Oh and I love old roof top water tanks. One collapsed here recently injuring a women. They reported at that time there was 'only' about 150 of the tanks left in Chicago. I'm glad you like my scenes.


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Thats a killer looking shot of the trackwork Montanan.

That scene would look so much better, if the background was in focus. Have you ever thought about backing up a few feet, then take the photo from a wider angle. Then crop the image to size.

Just a thought...


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If I was using my camera I could probably have done it. It was taken using a phone, reaching into the middle of the layout. About fell off my bench reaching in. Thanks !


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Central Manitoba Railway: "Just get 'em back on their wheels before the STSB gets here!"

I'd love to see a vid or more pics also!
Sorry no vids at this time, and the website is down for some reason. I'm planning on installing some tortoise machines Sunday morning. I will take pics with a camera instead of my phone. I like all of the comments though!

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