Weekly Photo Fun, 1/7/11 thru 1/13/11

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Tom Stockton

Those are some great pictures! Now, if you could find a place where the trees in the backdrop were much farther away, it would be much harder to tell that what we're seeing is not a 1:1 scale train!

Keep up the good work!

Tom Stockton

High Speed Kurt

Gone Railin!
Long story with this engine. Back when I graduated kindergarten in 1985/1986 my dad built my a 4 X 8 to get me started, I had grown an appreciation for the NS. So my first engine was a NS GP35 my dad kitbashed for me.

Fastforward to 1996. New layout is almost done. Someone broke into my train room outside and basically wiped the layout into a trash bag, getting about 1/2 of my stuff, including the 2647.

About three years ago, I rebuilt it, as best I could remember. Here it is on my dad's layout picking up the IC delivery:



Tom Stockton
Nicely done on your new GP-35, Kurt! And that's a darned shame that some !%#&^@! stole so much of your stuff! Sure do hate to hear that part, esp. the engine your father made for you.

Tom Stockton


"retired" conductor
Looks like a good fit Jeffrey. I did something similar a few years back, My original engines, a pair of Lionel FA's had the rubber band drive. I wanted them to be runners, mainly for sentimental reasons. I slid a pair of Walthers FA1 chassis under them pretty easily.
Its called having your cake and eating it too! :D Best of all, it doesn't screw with your blood sugar!:D


Dr Frankendiesel
Thanks Karl. The only problem I had was that the rear of the shell sat down too far. I glued a couple of Kadee coupler boxes to the top rear of the frame (one per side) and that solved the problem.

Gary B

The Fox Valley Railroad
Hello everyone! I see this is a good week to show off locomotives, so I'll join the club. I know I always show structures since that is the major focus of my layout but I just purchased this beauty. It's a Bachmann Spectum, with sound. Runs great, sounds great, looks great. Now I'm adjusting my sorry track work for it. Doesn't steam look great in black & white?


Active Member
Mike H., that is an amazing difference with that photochopped background. Pretty cool stuff.


Newbie Modeler
It really is, you give that to an experienced user, and holy cow I bet you wouldn't be able to tell if it was real or not. lol.

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