Weekend's here PHOTO FUN Feb 9th to 11th

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Steve B

Lets have your best shots from this week
Any Era, Any Railroad, Any Country
The more the merrier :D


Railroad Photographer
Here is a contribution. The crew is gathering around the special CN box car to learn about proper loading of LCL freight. The car has clear plastic panels and motion measuring equipment to show the effects of rough car handling.

Car was kitbashed many moons ago, was the subject of an article in RMC.

Steve B

I like that Bob, was there a prototype


I took this at a MR show a while back, it's a coal mine scene set in 1970's Britain
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Lets have your best shots from this week
Any Era, Any Railroad, Any Country
The more the merrier :D

Not this week but :: Era current, Railroad Rheidol (South Wales)


1' 11" Guage built to haul timber down to the coast climbs 600ft in 12miles max grade 1/50 locals decided it was easier than horse and cart so passanger buisness got big, Then tourism got big in South Wales and the trains have just kept running.



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That reminds me of the test car they made years back with a curved track (dipped) inside with a steel ball and a light on top and if you started or stopped too fast the ball would roll and touch the end walls completing the circuit, triggering the light...Game over!


Old Photo but i something worth posting.

Pulling a PRR Passenger car and caboose as a excursion is my NS Dash 9. Hes Giving the Future investor's a good look at the rail line and construction.

Old one But i like this one :p Pulling the local freight off the yard lead. It a bit fuzzy though It was a last minute shot really didnt adjust the setting's

Theres are my contributions


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Railphotog, well done. I saw pics of the real thing and yours is very much the same.

Steve B, that urban / inductry look and feel is awesome. Does the catenaries actually have power? Great shot of your loco
and rolling stock too. Your last shot is awesome, if somewhat sad for the ALCO:( The weathering is well done

johntealon30, looks like a "mean machine". Cool! Thanks for the pics

conrail92, like the view down the tracks. Keep posting away.

Trucula, Nice proto shot

Great pics guys, thanks for sharing


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A few shot from Bonaventure (on my layout)
The pics are somewhat large, sorry about that.



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Great work so far everybody!

I took a bunch of photos this evening looking for one good one for this month's photo contest. These are all of the area around the pond at Cooley's Blue Ice.






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Amazing weekend guys! I'll try to get something up, but it'll be a little late. I'm working on the chassis for the SD50F right now


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Great looking car!

Steve B
Nice layout shots!

Neat proto shots!

Cool shots!

Steve B
Great shot of the loco in the water!

Great shots! I really like the weathering on the loco!

Great scene around the pond!


Railroad Photographer
Been copying some of my older slides using my digital camera, thought I'd post this one that sort of illustrates our current weather - COLD! Not too much snow though.

Photo was taken on a diorama, looking through a station platform. Engine is a custom painted Atlas S-4. Snow is cooking flour I liberated from the wife's kitchen.


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Work for clients all this week(end)......

Conrail SD80-MAC #4116(painted and decaled)..........


American Freedom Train Pie-car #202(final decals).........


Great stuff again this weekend!!

Happy Modeling,


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