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Alcomotive, here's a shot of an SCL stenciled FGE car:
They didn't come to existence until after the roof walk removal ages. They were mostly of the 54' size, FGEX and RR stenciled.

UNDCX is faked, as there are no 5 letter AAR codes.

As for UP #1900, all I have left is to paint the stripes in where the numberboards were on the rear, patch, add numbers & the "UP" to the rear, add the yellow (look close) frame stripe, and the white body stripe (not a clue what thats from).


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Great looking tunnel!

Great looking loco!

Nice units and rolling stock!

Great shot with the bridge!

Nice locos!

Great proto shot!

Great looking steamer!

Great looking locos!

Cool proto pics!


Nice job on the GP60 up 1900. looks like the 1901 floating around here in colorado, got to get up in the cab nice looking locomotives despite the patch.


Diesel Detail Freak
Thanks guys, I'm following the twin GP60's I'm modeling as close as I can. UP #1900 used to be D&RGW #3154, mine began as #3154. UP #2035 used to be #5835, mine began as #5835... Good, considering my usual work, I just pick on to model... lol


Great photos every one! Keep 'em coming!

Some C&HV power..


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Nice work here as always! I got a new toy in the mail yesterday. It will be a good addition to the heavy freight drag fleet. It's brother is already in service and is a great puller and smooth running loco so I have high hopes for this baby. Haven't even unpacked her yet...


The only work I have been able to do on the layout this week was to finish the fence and add some horses at the Horse stables on the farm.




An overview of the area. The buildings here are n scale. I am trying to make a forced perspective that the farm is a long way off.



Some N stuff,lousy pic but at least you can tell they're locos.:D ATLAS 8-40Bs to be exact.


CSX -----------------patched Conrail-----------------CSX

They are on our 2TRAK (exNTRAK) layout.


Running the MC & Buffalo
Brakie nice Locomotives, Ray really nice looking horse farm ,Catt N scale Locos looking good also !
Grandpa Coyote! THOSE LOOK FANTASTIC! The Color is PERFECT. I love it. Did my critique help you any? A simple repaint really improved those rocks tenfold! I like the little "bubbles" in the last rock, it looks like some ancient Indians were making something by making the rock into hundreds of mortar and pestles grinding spots, like they used to make medicines and corn bread, maybe you could add ruins of an adobe dwelling nearby, or something like that?


Just stuck my head in to check out the weekend pix... great photos, one and all.

I never picked up a camera this weekend, still working on the backside of the layout. I got to spend some money at Sears however, as both of my 3 yr. old 18 Volt Craftsman drill battery packs "crossed over" on me. I went to see what a replacement battery pack would cost, and they said $65.00, so I bought a new Craftsman 18 V. drill, circular saw, and work light set with 2 batteries, for $89.95 (naturally the new batteries will not fit the old cordless drill set). :confused:

Once again, I really enjoyed viewing all the great modeling & photos.... Bob

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