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Steve B

It's that time again everyone so let's see those pictures from the last week

Don't forget to post your best one's in the photo album;)
RJR Weekend

Not go too much done this week because the weater has been so changable, which is bad from the work front aswell because I have been building Garden Decking for a customer all week. So it was in and out of the rain for work and railway !!! We had some sunny spells though.

I Built a tunnel for the layout during some of the fair weather...



This one was taken before the real plants were "installed"


I need to get some good weather to work on the tunnel mouths now.

As for work I got this lot built for my customer, It would be great for a layout !!!




Steve B

Great tunnel John, i was wondering what it was made of then i saw the downspout and foam, the first one look's like lava, nice work. The decking pictures, That's the England i know best, drizzle, rain, damp etc etc


Grandson of ALCO Bldr
Well as promised....:D

UPRR MRR received the "Canaries" as mentioned on an earlier post and a quick inspection and photo shoot ensued....Unit #3522 is a GP50 and unit #2160 is a GP38-2. They will be singing their tunes when I get them in the back shop and gettem detailed and updated. Things like number boards, DCC, LEDs, MUs, weathered lightly...etc but they will be waiting in line until the EMD Lease units are completed. Also unit #2180 will get a new prime mover installed as well. (it was a dummy unit)

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Grandson of ALCO Bldr
Part 1 on rolling stock

As for for the new acquisition buy for UPRR MRR. President "Alcomotive" purchased 12 new rolling stock at a bargain price of $37.00. :D From the ever so popular ebay company. The cars will be pushed through immediately to the backshop to get the wheel sets updated (from plastic to metal) ASAP due to fact that we have ample amounts of wheels ready to go when needed for times like these. :p The cars met the NMRA standards fo couplers all were Kadeed! Weight will be added as they are pushed through the scales. :D So here we are I do have a few questions :eek: on some captions so if anyone fill me in on it, it would be appreciated!;)

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I don't know about the others but the Solid Gold cars did exist. I believe it was the last paint scheme the FGE cars had. Nice haul of cars you bought off of Ebay.


Southern Railway lives on
Here is my new Athearn R-T-R C44-9W. Sorry for the bad picture I'll get a better one later. I am going to patch it for Southern.





You knew I had to sneak a picture(or two) of my 8-40BW in there didn't you.:D

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Railroad Photographer
I followed a special train earlier this week, on local short line NB Southern. It was hauling seven large tank units for an inland pulp mill. This is one of my favorite shots.


I, Aggro...
Nothing really too special from me this week. Just a J1 photo thats been tweeked and altered to look more like the old Pennsy footage I got.



Diesel Detail Freak
Smoke... I was going to complain about the patching idea, but then again, I figured, its not a prototype unit yet anyways.


Southern Railway lives on
Smoke... I was going to complain about the patching idea, but then again, I figured, its not a prototype unit yet anyways.
Hey! You know who's coming up to power. The Southern Railway will buy out whoever it has to to survive.:D :D ;) :cool:



Running the MC & Buffalo
Alco nice haul from Ebay , Smoke looks like it will fit in nicely with the Southern,Johnny nice tunnels, Chessie good looking coal load ,Aggro love that Pennsys !!!


Grandson of ALCO Bldr
LOL...man o man....Nice work Josh!

here are 2 pics of 1900... I feel real bad of not getting the credits of the person who took it...but I liked it so much I have it in my collection of pics. I got it off the net somewhere maybe here from GM himself? I dunno. I usually put in my description properties of where, who what and when. Because I feel it is important to have it for respect etc...but I use these for future project and proto info...

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