WEEKEND photo fun Feb 16th - 18th

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You had my hopes up, but I'm afraid the women laughing in the laugh track offend my sense of propriety.


Wow! One thing about modeling the Old West, it that the models don't get so complicated. (He says as starts scratch-bashing the Red Rock Mine.)


Hello,me from THAILAND
I'm glad I can start trying to build Thai tradition house HO this weekend.
It is made of Balsa wood.
I found that it is backbreaking job earn 3 hrs for one side of panel furnished.
very tiny pieces...:eek:
I'm also not able to make it kneat, so may be looked folk.
send it; some prefrabication part to USA!


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Here's a shot of an older color slide that I copied with my digtial camera. Caboose was a kitbash using two Athearn wide vision cabeese. Scene posed on a photo diorama.


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Nice pictures everyone! Nothing from me, I've been tired from all the working recently. BUT I have some bragging, I just won a RPP SD9043mac + Chassis on eBay!


Jos, the refinery (HO) kit is a lot of fun to build, but the instructions are very frustrating to understand. The hand rails are made from many brass sections and you have to roll them for curvature, but that's easy enough to do. The biggest problem I faced was the proper alignment for the work platforms. They have to be perfect because of the ladders, safety cages, and pipes that feed through them. The instructions aren't any help with this and you need to figure it out by temporarily connecting pipes going through them and also using the ladder placements. Everything needs painting which also adds to the time (and frustration). You will enjoy building your N scale refineries and the instructions may be improved with them, but it still will take care and time.


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Thanks for sharing

WOA! Excellent as usual guys:eek:

Steve B, Great looking backdrop and layout. Thanks for the Train-show pics too.:)

NYC George, very nice indeed:)

Space Mouse, Its coming along nicely. Realy like what you did. Like the details too:cool:

johntealon30, nice ducks! Is it "open season" yet? Great shot looking down the tracks:)

Rex Hea, Very nice. That will be a busy segment on your layout. Nice (building) backdrop too:cool:

P_Pop Balsa? Wow! Nicely done:)

Railphotog, real nice picture. Would be great if it was CN instead:D ;)


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I have nothing new to show for now.....will see later....maybe:mad:

In the meantime, an oldie (again). Hopefully you're not too bored with it.:eek:



Spent some time at the club yesterday, running my Athearn SD45T-2's.
That's the first three
and the last one is my latest project. I was given an a complete RS-3m using an old Athearn GP9 shell. I put it on another Hobbytown chassis, and am in the process of getting it back together, and painted and lettered in MKT "Barriger Red" The long hood is the wrong one, but since all the hard work was already done for me, I decided to leave it be. I'll do another one someday.


Running the MC & Buffalo

Thought I'd stick this fine train in here also !!!!:) It's looking for a new home !!:rolleyes:
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Track side oil

Looks like another great weekend on the WPF. I finally finished my Walthers Refinery. It was quite a challenge with all the pipes, work platforms, ladders, and having to paint everything. Here it is in temp place with a Scenics Express background. This area will include loading/unloading tanker stations, more storage tanks and field piping, and a process building that will also, load drums onto boxcars.


A Little Closer

Looks Great - Rex


Steve B

Some more from bolton

nice industrial layout based on Blackburn, lancs

two American HO scale layout's both had the Varieity Printing building on the left hand side

N scale, very good scenics

and the German N scale viaduct was towering above everyone


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Really, really COOL shots this weekend everyone!! Wow, what a talented lot we have..........

Spent the weekend painting and finishing..........

Conrail SD80MAC #4116


And with the American Freedom Train........

Happy Modeling,



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Steve B
Nice find and cool looking train!

Great layout shot!

Great looking buildings!

Cool layout photos!

Great scenes!

Great additions to the buildings!

Awesome job on the refinery!

Great job so far on the building!

Bob Boudreau
Neat looking caboose and locos!

Great urban shot!

Nice job on the loco!

Great looking passenger train!

Sweet job on the Conrail shell. Awesome looking American Freedom Train!


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I finally got my new P2K B&O E7A out of the box and lashed up a couple of Walthers Heavyweight coaches to it and ran it by Castle Rock station on the RK&M,






Nuther Kitbash

This one started out as the Walther's Hardwood Furnitue factory.It is now called Kindel Furniture after a real company here in West Michigan.


The real Kindel's has that recessed loading dock too but the other small doors are part of the kits structure and I'm in no mood to fill them in.


This is going to be a rather long project as there are 61 windows in this beast and they all need to be modified.


S.L.O.&W. Trainman
As always, some great work shown on this thread. I have actually taken a couple of days and mostly worked on a couple of projects on the layout.

Guy's Gas has been placed in its permanent home on the layout. It sits at the intersection that leads to the station (that hasn't been built yet) in Hopewell Junction. This situates it near some residences and small businesses and is right behind the yard.




(BTW the SLO&W employs several Giants as switchman to handle the oversize Caboose Industries throw. LOL I remember when I thought they were the greatest thing going.)

Seneca Lake has appeared in it's proper local and is about half finished with the painting of the lake, and far shore. I have another layer of trees to put in place and some building off in the distance to add. Sure wish I had paid attention in Art class.....



I meant to say earlier, "sorry for the fuzzy photos". I couldn't figure out why my pictures looked so good in Paint Shop Pro, but so sorry on RailImages:confused: . Seems that I had set my jpg compression ratio very high for a photo awhile back and forgot to reset it. Oh well, learn as you go.
Next time better.;) :)

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