WeekEND Photo FUN 9-15 to 9-17 2006!

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Rocket Red
This is a true fun weekend for me! I started it out right by running trains at the club last night and will be taking an Amtrak trip this weekend. Only Denver to Omaha and back, but it will be nice to ride the rails!

I just finished an RDC project. I used old Athearn RDCs, which aren't scale size (72' instead of 85'). I rebuilt the engine in the powered unit with a gearing kit, but I don't think it will work. Here are a couple photos of just the dummy unit. In sum, I am going to redo this project with scale size RDCs, perhaps using Life Like.



The main event tonight was running my new Broadway Limited Santa Fe 4-8-4 Northern, #3751! This was a crowd pleaser.





My new executive fleet consists of 5 cars; I hope to get 2-4 more to stretch it out a bit.





Diesel Detail Freak
SWEET, and a great start to the weekend! I almost forgot today was Friday. I guess I'll have to post pics of the SD50F & TTJX flat again.

Is it just me or did you lose something, twice...?


Rocket Red
Thanks, David, Steve, and Josh. Josh, you are right, I did lose something - my Bachman EZ-Mate couplers kept uncoupling the entire night, just like the video shows. I should have learned my lesson before to replace them with Kadees before taking them to the club...

I hate these things!



Stay off the tracks!
Nice video - how did you take it, capture it and convert it?

Also, do you have some sort of template you use for painting on the warbonnets - you've done quite a few on some very unconventional power and they look very good.


New Member
My input for the week. Good pics everyone
This one is of the church and Red River Diesel

This is one of a lawn mower repair servece I built some time ago and lately I put a fence and concrete around it

You all may remember the lumber shed

The old jail, Better be good while driving through town. This man was cought throwing a gum wrapper out the car window!!!!

As always, Enjoy your weekend


Diesel Detail Freak
Comeone Zephyr get those Kadee #58's! Or you could be the oddball and switch to Sergents.


Lazy Daydreamer
Excellent pix so far!:cool: I haven't found any photo-worthy models of my own to contribute though (I'm rewiring some yard turnouts), maybe next week?

Zephyr, your kodachrome units look spectacular! I wasn't able to view your video for some reason though, I'll try it again later from my home 'putor...

Mike, it certainly doesn't appear that the guy in your bottom photo will be enjoying his weekend a whole lot!:D

Steve B

Nice work everyone,

Here's what i have done in the last few days, i have saved some of the key parts of benchwork like the gate and both sides of the benchwork to secure it, i have had to span an additional 3' gap, this is the section you can see here, the grain store is set lower than the main line so you have to go down a slope to gain access to it, should look good when it's done, the track is laid direct onto the MDF here as it will be burried in dirt and weed's

This is the scratch built grain store, it's made from all sorts of leftover's and PVc waste pipe

and here on the main line is SP tunnel motor leaning into the steep grade


Stay off the tracks!
Steve, that is a very nicely weathered tunnel motor. It appears to be an SD40T-2 - is it the Athearn model?

Steve B

Yes Jeff, i got a pair, the others a Rio Grande but i don't want GM getting to excited as it's only saturday;)


Diesel Detail Freak
LOL, you did't make the text small enough there Steve. Sheesh well never mind the FORUM didn't allow you to make it small enough!

Steve B

And here's theRio Grande

Ha Ha,, not yet GM

This is a bridge which used to go over the Lancashire & yorkshire railway line from Adlington to Standish many years ago, the bridge constructions pretty strange, you have girders and brickwork in between, i say bridge but it's realy an aquaduct carrying the Leed's Liverpool canal

You can see the steel rivited plates on the underside and blue engineering brick filling in between the ironwork, it dates back well over 100 years, there are quite a few leaks dripping down

And how about this for Fungus in the damp undergrowth

And this is in a stone arch tunnel which run's under the canal, lord it was a damp smelly hole today

grande man

Bonafied Grande Nut
Ooohhhhh, that was cold, Steve.:D

No new modeling pics from us, but here's a couple of 1:1 scale from the CSX this afternoon. ;)



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