Weekend Photo Fun 8/11/06-8/13/06

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The everknowing one,LOL
Howdy all. While sitting on my butt I decided to ATTEMPT to weather a N scale loco I had.

There are folks out there that make works of art doing this,,, I am not one of them.



Well adios for now,,,,, Wyatt


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kjd, Steve B, jbaakko, Soo; Great work guys. Again some very nice modeling this weekend. Thanks for sharing

Kjd, Excellent pics and modeling. Ditto for the water. it looks real

Soo your weathering and layout look awesome.


The everknowing one,LOL
You guys are wayyyyyyyy too kind.LOL

MLW,,,,, That scene reminds me when I worked the CNW in Chicago. Looks most like what the Illinios Central Gulf called the " St Charles Air Line" Which was elevated and non-elevated trackage that ran thru,around, under downtown Chicago down to the lake shore .

Pic was taken ona 19" x 96" n scale switching district that I have leftover from the old layout. I am trying to design a new layout, but I am having no luck... Adios



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Soo you are doing great! In N scale no less.
That's quite an achievement. Thanks for the comments

Here's a random shot I was about to delete
(no particular subject in this one)


L&N Castle

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I have one more. The Southern loco,is an Atlas GP-38,the caboose is a Wrighttrak Railroad Models Southern Caboose. The L&N loco is also from Atlas. It's a U-23b,the caboose is also from Wrighttrak. The Seaboard Airline loco,is a Stewart Vo-1000,and the caboose is from AMB. The cars in the photo are a kadee PS-1,and a Con-Cor Airslide covered hopper. The last loco,is a Stewart Hobbies VO-660,lettered for the NC& Stl. That's the Nashville,Chattanooga& Saint Louis Railway. So,here we go again.William.:) .


GP7, bought from NYCentral and sporting new home colors, is fueling up for debut run. She's running with a Soundtraxx LC decoder w/mini oval speaker that uses a homemade baffel in the cab.

'Little Joe' is the new kid on the block. He was brought down from the Smokies to operate the sawmill switching.

Another shot of 'Little Joe' crossing Blue Creek in the Gorge. Hopefully, I can cut, bend, and chisel a Tsunami in his tender.:D


Go make something!
Cjcrescent said:
Yes that's basically how it works, sometimes even the moderators start it!. Great photo by the way! I always enjoy steam photos better than tose infernal combustin' engines anyway. Is that the PFM NP Prairie?

It says Fujiyama on the box. I put DCC in it and lighted it. It is a cute little engine, my MRL heritage unit. It would be nice if it had a can motor with a flywheel and could do slower speeds.


Go make something!
I have looked through these WPF threads before and thought it would be nice to have something to contribute so I am glad this week I did. It is always inspiring to see what other people are doing.


My 2 cents worth for the week.

This is a 30 year old LifeLike Thrall Alldoor boxcar.


The only mods sofar are new wire stirrups,Athearn trucks with metal wheels and body mounted Kadee #58 scale couplers.I also did some paint work on the end railings.This will someday become a fullfledged GVR car but I think I'll keep the light blue paint.
Your Shay, trestles and overall scenery are outstanding. Although your tall trestle is impressive, I really like the small trestle below it. It just seems to be the right size and a perfect fit for the scene. Nice work.
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kjd said:
It says Fujiyama on the box. I put DCC in it and lighted it. It is a cute little engine, my MRL heritage unit. It would be nice if it had a can motor with a flywheel and could do slower speeds.

Check with NWSL at http://www.NWSL.com. They have gears, gearboxes, and motors for just about any locomotive, esp old brass. Their site is confusing at times but if you e-mail them with your requirements, they will answer with their recommendations. With your loco being a Fujiyama, it could be made by Akane. Quality stuff! More than likely all it needs is a slower motor. NWSL can tell you.

Rex; 'bout time you finished that diesel. Got tired of looking at it "nekkid". I do like the new baby though! Lookin' good!

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