WeekEND Photo FUN 7-28 to 7-30 2006!

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Rocket Red
:) Ahh, the weekend is here at last! I started it out right again by running trains at the club. I am finally a member in good standing now...

This time I ran a 12-car boxcar train with 4 transit vehicles and a caboose, with 2 SD45T-2s at the point! I think the conductor told me these transit cars were headed for Omaha.

The consist

My friend Matt ran his Acela train


The transit vehicles: 2 LRVs and 2 streetcars




And a caboose for the guy watching over the transit cars









If only John J. Schmidt could see this train!

Hope you enjoyed the photos and I look forward to seeing everyone else's photos!


Stay off the tracks!
Those SPSF boxcars look very familiar... I own one of them as well.

I'm still trying to figure out what railroads my layout interchanges with. The prototype interchanges with the BNSF (fmly BN) on one side and UP (fmly SP) on the other. Personally... I'm thinking that while the BNSF merger went through, the UP buyout of SP never did.

But would SP still be using those ancient SP9s as local power in Oregon or would they have looked at the success of the SD40M rebuild program and done thing for GP38s and 40s?

It is indeed a puzzlement.

Additionally, thanks for the idea as to what to finally do with my LRV - I just need to get a big flatbed now.


Rocket Red
Good luck with the decision making, Jeff! If I were you, I would have it so beansniff never went through as well!

Is your LRV a Boeing by IHC, too? I just bought a couple 85' flatcar kits (the TOFC kind) from Athearn and then glued a few of the misc. plastic parts onto the top of the flatcar so the trucks of the LRV fit snug into the flatcar.
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S.L.O.&W. Trainman
Zepher, that must be quite a ride for the folks in that Trolley....:D Some very nice photos!

I have been working a bit on some scenery near the Arthur Farm.



Can you find the critter hiding in this one......?


Also, I have finally got the styrene forms I needed to complete the bridges over the gorge. I have to finish the roadwork, do some weathering of it, add scenery and this little area will be finished.


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Rocket Red
Thanks, Ray. Your scenery is coming along nicely! I really like how those truss bridges are looking.


S.L.O.&W. Trainman
NZRMac said:
Nice work guys, Ray what are the barrels for on the bridge.


Way back in the old days (aka 1925) the wooden trestles always had water available to fight any fires on the bridge. They are water barrels.
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Diesel Detail Freak
GREAT pictures guys! I have a few small ones to submit, trying to learn my new camera/phone/mp3 player that I got in the mail yesterday.

This is the beginings of BNSF #3967, a 6 axle slug built from a Fmr UP SD24B (and the model i'm cutting up is an Atlas SD24 converted into a B unit!). #3970 will be cut from a Santa Fe SD24, also an Atlas model. I've discovered that hand sawing a shell like this takes FOREVER, I need to pick up a dremel for the 2nd one.

Simple green works for a paint stripper right?

OH and of note, I'm going to resin cast the remaining nose caps from the one in pic #2. Its easier this way. The hardest part will be the hood sides & top which will end up being scratch built.

grande man

Bonafied Grande Nut
A Little Mainline Action on the CSX

From today's railfanning trip...

Slow moving southbound train enters Hayden Tunnel. Hum, wonder why he's going so slow...

FRED enters the tunnel...

A few minutes later, this northbound coal drag comes into view. It must have been taking a siding and slowed the southbound mixed freight down while he cleared the main.

And the northbound proceeds into a thunderstorm running on a clear signal. Note the green signal in the distance.


Fun Lover
Back from vacation and have a few pics of my progress. I took a whole bunch of stuff to work on--mostly Lilliputians and freight wagons. I started on some Bachman Spectrum lighted passenger cars. I only got the business class done.





Here is what I have gotten done over the last few days.The boxcars have painted trucks,axles,weights and frame while the covered hopper received painted trucks and axles.
I been buying RTR cars the last 2-3 years and I had forgotten how much fun and relaxation there is in building these simple kits.





Steve B

Nice work Chip, they'll look great in the dark illuminated

Brakie, nice work, most of my stuff's Blue Box Athearn


Steve,Thanks! I have tons of Blue Box cars.. You see 75% of my freight cars are Athearn Kits or RTR plus I have another 10% is Bev-Bel/Athearn...:D
One could say I like Athearn cars..:D


Very nice posts from everyone this weekend. I decided to post the work I did the last couple of days.

My very first loco was this GP7 with NYC colors, but I stripped it and repainted it for the local road (the BC&W RW) about a year ago. It didn't come with sound and I kept putting the installation off. Finally, I decided to go with the Soundtraxx LC decoder that was made for it and a 14x25mm oval speaker w/baffel. The sounds are remarkably of good quality and the volume isn't too bad considering the speaker/baffel size. Heck, I don't care...I just wanted it to have a toot. I may build a larger baffel for the speaker, but the room in the cab is pretty limited. I will put the armor back on her in the next few days and post the finished product later.

Close view of the 14x25mm (.5x1.0") speaker. Sorry for the fuzzys.

This P2K, both powered, FA/B unit, is the second loco purchased and the first that had sound (installed by Tony's) that was in the "B" loco. I never was happy with the volume of the Soundtraxx DSD150 with the 1" speaker/baffel, so I installed speakers in a box car. This worked good, but I always had to drag the car around, which with an A/B combo was too long on TT's. This weekend I decided to cut a pill bottle to a length that would squeeze over the front truck and to the top of shell. I installed a 1" speaker in the bottle. The sound is near as good as the boxcar was with two speakers.
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Some HO stuff

My contribution this week is my two latest weathering jobs.



and an N scale stuff :D


This is the beginning of a fleet of chopnosed GP & SD 7s&9s for the Grande Valley Railway.They will all be a mix of ATLAS & LL pieces parts.


Active Member
Great pics guys! Thanks for sharing

I've been playing with my camera lately. I'm trying to do some "action shot"
but its a bit harder than I imagine. Anyways here goes nuthin' :D


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