Weekend Photo Fun 4/21-4/23

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grande man

Bonafied Grande Nut
Hi all. Sorry we haven't been posting many pics lately. To correct for that, I thought I'd kick of wpf a little early with some pics from last night's operation session on the Platte Canyon Sub.:D Ya'll have a GREAT weekend!

Stewart F3 peeking out of tunnel 5.

Same unit bringing a cut into town. I know, it needs a cab number.:eek:


Downtown switch action. Who left that cut on the main???


Lazy Daydreamer
Nice shots Eric, long time no see - I especially like that third view of the "fouled main line" :cool: . What sort of flashing crossbucks are you using?

I've been working on a semi-scratched propane distribution facilty, I'm hoping I'll finish it by Sunday afternoon [in time to post pix on this thread].

grande man

Bonafied Grande Nut
Ken, Unfortunately, the crossbuck flashers aren't operational.

Johnny, The portal is a Woodland Scenics casting. I wish I could take credit for it...:p The bore, or liner, is spray painted aluminum foil.

Thanks, guys, for the comments.

Here's one other pic I forgot to post.:eek: Grande Cabeese!


Great shots of some excellent scenes, Eric. The F3 doesn't need a number. After all, it is the......" Grande Phantom".:D

L&N Castle

Active Member
GRANDE PHANTOM? ! Oh brother.:p Rex,that didn't stand a "Ghost of a Chance":p . Eric,great photos as all ways,when can I come and play with my locos? But seriously guys,I am looking forward to seeing both of you over at CJ's in a few weeks.Also,I too have started a layout of sorts,but haven't got far.Anywho,have fun guys,Rex when are you going to post some new photos of your layout? I'm dying to see what's been added,since I saw it last.William.:)


Diesel Detail Freak
Beautiful pics Grandeman! I wish i had the space and money to work on something so I could at least attempt to live up to those shots. Not to mention, buy a new camera, sheesh life IS boring with out it.

grande man

Bonafied Grande Nut
Thanks for the comments on the pics guys. What I like about them is that they were taken during actual ops. Can you say "Stop the clock, photo op?":D

I'm looking very much forward to seeing some cool pics here this weekend, so ya'll get busy. :D That means you too Rex. :D


Lazy Daydreamer
Well here's my contribution for this weekend: a propane gas distribution center built totally from Plastruct and Evergreen (except the Ford C-series trucks, which are Athearn's). I'll start with an overall view:

Here is a closeup of the tank car unloading platform with 2 propane trucks parked in front:

The next image shows the warehouse/office building. The propane tank trucks started as stake trucks like the one shown.


Well, i was going to post my extension progress, but ran out of roadbed. I will wait until next weekend.

Chip: Well done on the rocks and the overall scenery is looking very good.

KenL: Great conversion job on the trucks.

Jean: Like the third shot. Wish you had it lightened a bit.


Fun Lover

That backdrop looks good. I was fooled on first impression.

FYI, school has not slowed my work on the layout. It's just that everything has been plodding. The ricks tokk a while to cast and paint black. Then they took 15 minutes apiece to paint. That was 15 plus hours of evenings. Today seemed like something was accomplished even though it was only a couple of hours.


Active Member
A few pictures of an old, beat-up, tired Alco RS2 at St-Lambert yard.
This is my first attempt at vandalizing a locomotive (Proto) It has no added details yet, except for the strobe and the 3 horn chime.



New Member
Here are some photos of two Bessemer SD38-2s (Kato) and a SD18 (Atlas modified SD24) that a friend painted and detailed for me a few months ago running at another friend's B&LE layout during an operating session earlier today.


- My 3 units (SD38-2s 877 and 878 with SD18 854) slamming across the diamonds.


- Meet with the 893 South.


- Passing the Calvin Yard engine at Butler, PA.


- The trio coming around a nice superelevated bend.


-Entering the yards at Albion, PA.


-Rolling into the yard as two RSD15s and a SD9 pass nearby.

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