Weekend photo fun 15, 16, 17th December

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Steve B

show us your best pictures of the week, if you havn't taken any have a dig through your old one's for your favourite shot's


Southern Railway lives on
No pics yet but I've been decaling a Atlas GE DASH 8-40CW for Southern.

Indoor layout can stay


Well I got retrospective planning permission from the DPA. The indoor layout is here till the spring :) It nice to look at the outdoor layout through the rain soaked window !! I've found a way to add some weeds and took a video, which having just viewed is pretty borring but gives more angles than a single picture.

view here


Steve B

Sorry if your on dial up,,,
i have made great progress this week, from bare wood to this, it feel's GREAT to be able to run some trains after a year housebuilding

a general overview from both ends




i have included loads of trash lying around and hung up on things

Grande Man these are the horizons background stickers


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Lazy Daydreamer
Wow Steve, the YV2 is really taking shape :cool: - maybe I should see about getting a few weeks' medical leave! <LOL>

show us your best pictures of the week, if you havn't taken any have a dig through your old one's for your favourite shot's
OK, if you insist - here's a rerun from ~6 months ago:
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Diesel Detail Freak
Looking nice Steve, I see some snow is making an appearance too!

Ken, I've always loved that shot! Pics tomorrow...


S.L.O.&W. Trainman
ken, I love that shot! Did you hear that fedEx and UPS are going to merge? The new company will be called........... Are you ready?????

FedUPS.... Ta Da!

Steve, You have been busy! Glad you are feeling better.

I haven't had much time to do anything train related as it is concert season and I do sound...... I have gotten the fascia painted and installed in the new room:




Still have to do some caulking to stop light leaks (you can see a couple in the photos). Purchased 18 more tortoises so you know what I will be doing over the Holidays.
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Diesel Detail Freak
Well, never mind the last post, I didn't like the way the fading work is going, the roof line turned out ok, but the sides are difficult so I'll be repainting the WHOLE unit. I'll start with the light patches, mask, then do the dark patches.


Grandson of an ALCO Builder
I have no pics but I know you guys have seen them (check the 1/87 forum)
I purchased more Norscot CATs today at Wally World they dropped their prices to from 5.95 to 4.94...nice I bought 5 new equip all different. Hoping to get dump truck and some of those soil compactors, forrest machines and scraper. I will keep looking!
Okay heres some acuall pics from work not model railroading but rail fanning I guess you could say will try to give a little description as we go along
Car with graffitti for you into painting graffitti on your cars

diito from a distance

Different flags on car one flag for ed and one for ferggie lol

next to specs on side of car


next 4 from grainery across the road from us




next 3 stops and car derailer set and opened




rest just more cars and a NS GP-38-b






and last one of the towers we use to run the hoses to the cars


Diesel Detail Freak
Hummm, Stripping a unit is tough work, I need more thinner, the simple green doesn't work like I had heard.
Steve B ... Wow..thats bitchin!!

Ray, Nice lookin fascia, very professional Lookin

RT - Very cool Prototype Shots.

I work 2nd shift, so my daylight time to get god prototype shots.. is VERY limited. Least till summer anyhow I miss the long days!
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Steve B

DITO,,, Ray great fascia work and that sky,,,fantastic
RT i wish i could get pic's like that here, everythings fenced off


First run

First run trains are rolling won't be long now!!:) :) :) :cool:
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