Weekend photo fun 15, 16, 17th December

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indoors moving along

Looking good guys,
Ive installed a bridge at the end of my very small layout to give the impression of somewhere to go. I also fitted a mirror under it to double the apparant length.


But what would you know, its only been there 4 hours and the local kids have been round with the sprat paints !!!!!


clever devils though, they can spell their names backwards too !!!

Iv'e also added a page dedicated tothe indoor layout on my website

RJR Branch Line


Lazy Daydreamer
Wow, I can always count on this thread for excellent pix - nice work everybody, and thanx to all who offered kind words about my "oldie" pic.

Ray - I could see where that was going long before I finished reading your sentence <LOL>. But actually, WKW had a kit (long discontinued) for a rail-to-truck transfer house, and that's exactly what they called it. Your backdrops are looking great as always BTW...

Radar - I've always loved the Katy green/yellow paint scheme, nice to see somebody modeling it.

RT - those are all great shots, glad you were able to actually catch a switch-out on digital "film"

Josh - sorry to hear about the paint stripping woes but if I know you, I'll bet there's a masterpiece at the end of the tunnel!


Put down my Brass!!!
Wow, very nice, and also nice to find another Sound Technician on here too. Its my second enjoyment, next to model railroading. I wish I had the space for a perminant layout. Anywho, very cool.
detailing loco

spent a couple of hours this evening adding details to the first loco I scratch built at the begining of the year. Now Im indoors everything is a bit closer to the eye so I am spending some time "improving" The loco has had a compressor fitted for air brake use, some pipework and some weathering. Ive also weathered an iso container, again scratch built several months ago.
Those pesky vandals have been around again though !!!




RJR Branch Line


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Gee! don't believe I've posted this one yet, guess I'd have to do some hunting to find that SD40-2 I guess this was taken shortly after I got it off eBay.


Cheers Willis


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Some awesome photos this weekend!

I wanted to get a feel for some of the angles along the hillside and at the tunnel portal.





grove den

naturally natural trees
Great pictures ,hard labour, newspaper articles,and many more , thanks guys!!
My contibution is 2 dimensional: I worked out a trackplan just for fun. It is the one I posted on the thread: Layout design and construction, it was ment for zeis69....



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Tom what a beautiful road switcher, gee I bet I could make something of that. :D
Looks like another great scene coming along.

Cheers Willis

Steve B

ED right on the mark,,, arn't they DUMB, they are just as stupid over this side of the pond, once there was an incident with a Eurostar train, (Very very very fast modern train) and the reporter said "the train involved was just like this one" (camera was looking at a 50 year old diesel with old rusty coaches behind)
i presume the reporter meant to say it had wheel's on track's "just like this one" does
Im a liscenced CDL driver, and the hoops we have to jump thru when pulling hazmat, and to be liscenced to PULL hazmat, the Railroad doesnt have to follow the same procedures that we do, just load it on the car, mark it and give the engineer the paperwork and call it good.. Hmmmmm

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