WEEKEND Photo fun 08, 09, 10th Dec

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Hi everyone, great pics as usual. :cool:

Here's a few of the mini diorama I did today for the December photo contest. These are some of the rejects. This is my first try at snow scenes. I used baking soda. The whole diorama is built on a piece of 20x30 foam board I got from Rex. One half is the base, the rest the backdrop.




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grande man

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Here's a couple more with multiple units... The first is my contest entry


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Looking good guys: From a new industrial complex in USA, England and great deals at the train show to a beautiful snow scene. Eric, the baking soda worked very well and is real looking (sure like Santa's helpers hehehe!:rolleyes: I know...dirty old man!)

grande man

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Eric, the baking soda worked very well and is real looking (sure like Santa's helpers hehehe!:rolleyes: I know...dirty old man!)

Thanks Rex. Let's just hope I can get all of the baking soda out of our locos. ;)

One of these days, I'd like to model a high mountain pass as part of a railroad. Snow would be a natural there and would add interest to the layout. I imagine trains running thru such a scene. I've always wanted to try it, but knew I'd get tired of a whole layout done in snow.

I painted the base in white latex, then sprinkled on the "snow" before the latex base dried. You can blow gently across it for a wonderful, realistic wind blown look. Any actual layout section so sceniked would need some protection from dust. White snow is dazzling, dirty snow (dusty) would look pretty bad...:rolleyes:


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Gee just in under the wire, and to save the day, what with skinny Santa s and GMD s just have to save the day with Alco power, so the fleet's in and of course a couple of wanna bees :D

Cheers Willis


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Great progress on the layout!

Nice job on the track!

Great looking cars!

Can’t wait to see the project!

Awesome scene!

Great group of locos!


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Here is short local I caught going by the Water Tower.

IHC Mogul Camelback - LC&NC

MDC/Roundhouse Old Time Tank Car - Sun Oil

MDC/Roundhouse Old Time Reefer – CM&StP

MDC/Roundhouse Old Time Reefer – Hershey


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MDC/Roundhouse Old Time Reefer – Carnation Milk

MDC/Roundhouse 40’ Steel Gondola - Erie

Athearn 40’ Wood Boxcar – Custom Painted and Lettered – Lehigh Valley

MDC/Roundhouse NE Caboose – Custom Painted and Lettered - LNE

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I am using DC. I have not gotten to the stage where DCC would pay-off. I have thought about it but the costs and learning curve have held me back.

Well, everyone pays their money and makes their own choice. I will say though, DCC is really awesome. We talk all the time about how much our system is capable of. This is after owning it for a couple of years! It has really enhanced our enjoyment of the hobby, and we came from an older MRC DCC system!

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To all contibutions this wpf: I enjoyed watching the pictures and comment/replies...Thanks again folks!



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Hi folks, some great craftsmanship on display this session.
Eric, if that isn't the best done and most realistic snow scene I've seen, then its right at the top of the list, well done! P Pop, pretty good looking monk, thanks for posting the idea. Tom that is an excellent and well done train.
Wow look at all those BIG HEAVY HAULIN ALCOs!
You got any RS-1s, RS-2s or RS-3s?
Hi Alcomotive, the CB&CNS started out with 11 C630M's (2 were for parts) and one C636 for the heavies, and five RS18's sorry no RS 1's 2's or 3's As the RS18's failed they were replaced with a GP18 a GP9 A GP40 and a couple of the ugliest rebuilt GP7's I ever saw. So I will be building more 630's and at least two RS18's in the future.

Cheers Willis

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