Weakend Foto Phun 8/25 - 8/27

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S.L.O.&W. Trainman
Here it is almost Saturday here in the Finger Lakes and none of you have gotten this started yet! You guys are falling down on the job.....

I have finally gotten some trains running after working on the new room for the last several months and doing a lot of scenery in the old room. Feels good even if it is mostly to check the track. This passenger train was the first one through the staging area. Pulled by my largest loco, i figured the long cars and the big engine would find any problems... and it did. Only one turnout gave me any problem at all and that waqs easy to correct.




Since there are no major problem, I started on the upper level which will be an end of the line town someday:



I have been mass producing the Tortiose Assemblys for installing on the new part of the layout. I will need about 3 dozen of these before I am done.




Diesel Detail Freak
Looking mighty fine there Ray! Mass producing switch machines hey? Sounds like something I'll get to do, I'm guessing its not all that "fun". This has been quite the semi-productive weeks for me. My diamond tread is in, so I can get close to finishing up the first slug. Seems the NWSL PDT's I was going to order are no longer made, and the guy that repiled to my email refered me to a new version, which is only in 2 axle versions...

I'll post pics this weekend sometime of the weed sprayer car, I can consider it "done" now.

Steve B

Looking good Ray, looking good.

Here's a couple from today, it's our new hornby triang loco which just arrived, it's over 30 years old and has never ran an inch in it's life, what a bargain for £25, and old banger just like it went for £23 days before this one on Ebay, The old Hornby stuff is so robust and can take the knocks of everyday use


and Matt waiting for the crossing to clear

BNSF dude

BNSF foamer
If i had gone to Hutchinson or to Curts house i wold have started it I need pictures!! But my cam eats 3 batterys in 3 minutes like a monster!


Diesel Detail Freak
Ok, KenL, this ones for you... I'm still lacking all the rear deck stuff, and the decals (still have not bought decal paper!), and some other little stuff. ATEX 0006:
View attachment 3906 View attachment 3907 View attachment 3908

My Woodland scenics Mod-u-rail "corner" sections came in this morning, the FedEx guy woke me up at 8AM! Now all I need is track, and the "appropriate" ballast, I have the baggy it came with, and a big canister of grey mix, but I think its more pinkish...
View attachment 3909

Steve B

Tell you what josh, when you say your gonna do something you do it, it will look fantastic painted and fitted with the piping


Southern Railway lives on
Here's my addition this week, used to be Santa Fe. notice which way the figures are sitting


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Ignorance is Patriotic
^Are you painting that in Southern? You and your cab-forwards; you live in Colorado, boy!!!


Lazy Daydreamer
WOW Josh - excellent work, it's great to see one of my own phoos spawn an actual model - I'm gonna post a link to your article over on the Atlas forum!:cool:

dekriuf - I see the engineer in your GP30 has "assumed the position" for operating on the Southern <LOL> (Great strip job BTW)

Back later....


Hello,me from THAILAND
Fine weekend jobs in Bangkok

This weekend I didn't weak, so I went to Bangkok china town bought many cheap toys for home, then built a wooden table and created a little toy corner for my children preparing them for delicate HO scale layout in the future. Another job is casting a set of building-model mould with silicone rubber for later resin casting by next week. .....Fine.


Diesel Detail Freak
Oh BOY P_POP Resin casting your own buildings!? Thats awsome!

Ken L I hadn't thought of posting it on the Atlas forums... I'll go raid the Bachmann & Trains forums right now, lol.

dekriuf I ment to ask, what'd you use to strip that baby?

Steve B

I decided to shine some light on the childrens railway tonight, i got a spare set of christmas lights and drilled a load of holes below most of the structures and pushed the lights up from below then re fitted the diffusers so they won't fall out again, hey presto
we have light
They look very bright in the pic's but they are actually a bit duller when you see them


Over to you


Lots of good post fellows and glad you joined the fun P_Pop Nice to see your future trainsmen.

Ray: I don't mind wiring the Tortoise...its the backache of installing them that I will put-off as long as possible:eek: . I started using Industrial grade Velcro to mount them and I have had some up 1 1/2 years before the MR mag article without any problem. Sure makes it easier. Glad you got some trains moving.


Active Member
Great job guys!!:) Very well done as usual.
Thanks for sharing

Some oldies .... (sorry no time to take pics lately:mad: )

LL Proto 1000 ALCO RS2 (SL&C)


Roof detail

Front trucks


Steve B

MLW don't worry about them being oldies, i love em all the same, great weathering job, i love the look of grimy old engines
P POP how long before your boy's are starting in HO scale


MLW, I love that RS-2 and will look hard at it every time you post it. He looks like he has well earned his place on the road. I gotta get one...just gotta.:D

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