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MY son does...


But I don't think the cars in that thread are Hot Wheels. I think they are HO scale.
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I see on your site that you built some structures out of popsicle sticks. I just built a passenger/freight platform out of popsicle sticks.


As for EZ track, I've had my issues with it. The turnouts must be serviced from underneath, so when they break down, you have to rip up the track. I'm literally scraping two years of work because I can't deal with it any longer.


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It depends upon your standards. Hot Wheel vehicles for the most part are oversized for HO scale, many are closer to S scale (1.64). The biggest problem to me is the wheels, made for speed and show, are no way to scale. If someone made better wheels that could replace the original ones, some of the tamer vehicles could be used.

I've seen semi decent layouts with Hot Wheels vehicles on them and to me this distroys the illusion of a model railroad, makes it too toy-like looking.

Whatever suits your fancy I guess! It's YOUR railroad, so do whatever suits YOU!

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Hot Wheels and Mattel are the same. Mattel makes Hot Wheels. Hot Wheels are a little larger than the 1/87th scale (HO cars). Below is a picture of three cars. The cars on each end are Hot Wheels, the one in the center is a 1/87th scale HO car purchased at Walther's some years ago. You can see the difference in size. While I am still in the planning stage of my HO layout, I do have 5 HO early 1900's houses I built about 16 years ago for a Christmas village. I use the Hot Wheel cars in that village. However, if you look closely the Hot Wheels are too large for the houses, they are bigger than the garage doors on the houses.

When talking with the guy at Walther's a few days ago he said some people do use Hot Wheel cars in the HO layouts. Said they just look ok. While I don't agree with that because of scale difference, I suppose it would not look too out of place if not placed close to a building or train.


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I am "new" to this hobby and being a modeler of cars before this i agree that the scales llok "off" to me but as it was said earlier, its YOUR layout!! The beauty of the hobby (and attraction) for me is in the creativity and freedom to create a world and railroad this is your own.


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Although not everything labeled "HO scale" or "1:87 scale" is truly to scale, as a rule, those items will "fit in."

Matchbox cars were originally scaled to fit the box, hence the name Matchbox cars. Hot wheels and other brands of similar toys were designed the same way.

Years ago, verious German manufacturers such as Roco and Wiking were the only large suppliers of a wide array of HO scale vehicles. They were fine for most American modelers, if you could live with having such a large proportion of European vehicles on your layout.

Today, it's not really much of a problem to populate your layout with American vehicles, especially if you model the steam to diesel transition era. There are a number of manufacturers supplying HO scale vehicle models covering everything from the turn of the century to the current model year. Granted, the selection can be a little thin for some eras, especially the 70s and 80s, but enough models are available to have a good variety.

In the past two years or so, Wal-Mart, and to a limited extent some other retailers like Hobby Lobby and Kay Bee Toys, has begun carrying a line of HO scale vehicles under the brand names Malibu and Fresh Cherries. Athearn has a line of very nice tractor trailer models as well as Coca-Cola and John Deere branded vehicles, Norscot offers a selection of Caterpillar construction equipment and Walthers and Atlas have offered various vehicle models over the years.

I am a vehicle modeler as much as a railroad modeler, having chosen HO scale as the common denominator between the two interests, and I feel confident in saying that now is the best time to pursue this hobby. The selection is vast, so if you want to have models that fit in much better than Matchbox and Hot Wheels collectibles, pay a visit to your local hobby shop or these websites:


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Here's a "mini Magnum" alongside my full sized one! The little feller is around O scale. I have a smaller one too, but it is bigger than HO scale. Bought them because it was neat to have models of my real one!


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Here's a "mini Magnum" alongside my full sized one! The little feller is around O scale. I have a smaller one too, but it is bigger than HO scale. Bought them because it was neat to have models of my real one!

Interesting light post you have in your yard.:) I can see that people in the train hobby are just like the people in the car hobby. Collecting and using all kinds of old memorabilia to go along with the actual train or cars.:) I have this next to my garage. Have to empty it once in awhile because people want to see if it works. It does.


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1:87 or 1/87 is HO scale. RCH's reply is well explained. However, the tread titled "1/87th Vehicles" is THE thread to go to! You can find everything available at Wal*mart (and others) that is listed as a scale vehicle.

Most Matchbox Semi's are 1:87, or 1:89 usualy, and can all be used. The older Road Masters semi's are also 1:87. Some Old Mastio trucks are 1:87, and I know Lego & Matchbox make specific lines of 1:87 in the past (20+ years ago).

Ertl is mostly 1:64, which is larger then HO, not saying you can't use it!

Norscot & Athearn stuff at Wal*mart is 1:87 or 1:50 (says on box).

Mattel owns Matchbox AND Hot Wheels. ;)

Oh and lastly, EZtrack IS code 100... :p


It's not a light post - see attached - it's a full fledged railraoad switchstand. Guess you could call it a light post, as the lamp does have a light in it, controlled by a timer. Comes on at dusk, goes off around 10:30PM.

Does the wife use the switchstand to signal her mood. Green for it's safe to come in the house and red for when it isn't? Stay out too late and the switchstand gets lined against you!


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We somehow wound up with a full-size (~3 feet tall) traffic light that was replaced in town. Often thought we could have some fun with that :rolleyes:

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48 Plymouth you have to set that meter up in front of your house !!!

Normally that would bring in more money. Only problem is, no one parks on my street. Don't have any sidewalks either, so not many walkers either. Street is only 2 blocks long. What I need is a more modern meter that takes quarters. This is an old one that only takes penny's, nickels and dimes. Plus, I might get in a little trouble putting it on the street. This neighborhood is full of cops that live in the neighborhood. My neighbor that lives just two doors away was here not long after I put the meter out there. He was a detective before retiring. One of his major cases back in the early 80's was to find out who was stealing and breaking into the city meters. Of course, he had to ask where it came from. He was actually surprised to find out that you could buy them at the old car swap meets.

Found the most money in it after the tree trimmers were here. Those guys must have had a good time with it.:D Of course, that wasn't anywhere close to what they charged me.:(

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