Update #3 & 3/8's


Long Winded Old Fart
Just a short note to say why I haven't posted on the Forum for awhile.
Haven't worked on the layout for about 6 weeks. Been busy w/other stuff.
Had to clean out a storage room, clean out the train room to store the stuff out of the storage room. That sounds funny. Should have had it the other way around or maybe that was the other way around.:confused:
Anyway, getting back to cleaning out rooms. After I finish all this moving "Stuff", I've got to move my wife's sewing room to the space where the storage room was. I figure all of this moving is going to take me about another 2 weeks.:eek:
Then I'm moving my wife's 81 year old Aunt from Miami into the sewing room after I finish cleaning it out. (cleaning out sewing room, not Aunt). I have to make a trip to Miami to pick her up w/all her belongings.:cool:
Then I have to get a stairway chair lift installed. A few bucks from my train layout bank acct. So, that little tidbit might slow me down just a tad.:rolleyes:
Maybe, just maybe, I might get started back sometimes in July. The hottest part of the year.:D
The hurricane season starts in May or June & I have to get ready for that too. Got to fire up the generator for a test run & hope we don't get any storms this year.:cool:
I hate to see a long note, if this one was a short one.

Good luck on all of the stuff moving. I hope your wife's aunt is happy in her new room. We moved my parents into an assisted living arrangment last year. Mom adapted in about 5 seconds. Dad well it took him about 5 months to feel at home. After 18 months things are now normal for them and they seem very happy. Mom becauise she does nothave to dook and clean and dad becasue he no loinger has to worry about cutting grass, paying bills(my brother Mike took over that chore) and keeping the house and yard up.

Good luck to you on all this, I hope it all works out well. Good to see a post from you. Hope you avoid any serious storms this year.

My mother-in-law moved in 4 years ago. I'm still moving stuff to make room. She had all her stuff and 4 rooms of furniture. Two toasters, two vacuums two sets of dishes, etc.

I have several more months, I'm afraid.
I tried to get her to move into an assisted living home, but, she said "no".
I would have a hard time adjusting to a home away from home. My wife probably wouldn't. I think I would miss not having a place to work on my hobbies. I have someone else mowing my 1 & 1/4 acre. We have been thinking about all this for the past year, Since we are getting up in age & have no kids. We think who's going to take care of us. next door neighbor won't. Aunts & uncles won't (lot older than us). Cousins won't(same age or older) & friends won't. Probably end up in a nursing home w/medicare footing the bill. Assisted living facilities require lots of money to maintain your remaining years. I'm sure I could find someone on this forum to take care of us in the future. What do you think? Giant train layout goes w/living quarters.
No takers. Aaaaaawwww. LOL

I've got a 8x8 garden shed in boxes waiting for decent weather in order to put the thing up. Then I can move various implements out of the garage^Wrailroad room, like the lawn mower, wheelbarrow, and bicycles.

It's going to be nice.