Train Scrap Yard Scenes


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I've seen any number of scrap yard scenes for cars, etc, but not many scenes for locos and rail cars. So you can imagine my great surprise when I ran across these modeled scenes this morning at my local flea market. Turns out they were done by an older model railroader that just can't do it anymore.

A daughter of a friend of this gentleman was selling them off for the older gentleman, there were no bargain basement pricing one might expect at a flea market. But still I thought the pricing was fair considering the nice detail.

Regrettably I could only afford to buy 4 scenes for myself, and be able to think I can incorporate them into my new layout. There were longer scenes and shorter scenes,...I bought two of each size.

She still has I think it was 3 short scenes, and 2 long scenes. They are all different, so none alike, but all nice.
If someone else is interested I can go back there tomorrow and purchase the remaining ones for them?? The long scenes were priced at $38, and the short ones for $20.

Let me know if you are truly interested,...meanwhile enjoy the photos of these scenes...

PS: BTW they are HO scale

(I term the first group of photos the 'steam engine' scene)


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...the second scene is contains a logging steam engine


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It was just happenstance I discovered them as I usually do not good deeply into the market on many weekends,...and they were located in a rather dark (not well lite) area that I just barely decided to take a second look at.

So now I have to figure if I can utilize all 4 of the ones I got on my own layout??
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Went back up to the flea market this past weekend (on Sun), and took my nice camera.

Oops rechargeable battery's went dead after only a couple of shots. So I thought why not go down to another booth that sells like a dollar store and pick up some other batteries to use temporarily/ I was a little leery of buying 'Chinese batteries', as I once did this in Panama when I was driving across the continental divide, and those batteries lasted for only a few photos.

No surprise again the first 4 AA batteries lasted for about 3-4 photos. The second batch managed to make it thru a few more, but were not very reassuring to last thru some variety of shots and exposures I had hoped to make.

So here are some of the shots I got,...sorry for the lousy phots.


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And all those parts are sometimes hard to come by,...and arrange in a scene.

I'm just afraid I don't have room for them on my CROWDED new layout.