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:D :p lol lol lol LOLOLOLOLOLOL ...........aaaaaaaaaaaaaaah hha aha hahah
help i fallen and i cant get up......:D

grove den

naturally natural trees
TTT Busters!!!( ThomasTrainofTerror)

Folks We have a lot of work to do...GO TTT BUSTERS!!! teeedum, teeedum, tedudum...

Buster Jos
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grove den

naturally natural trees
I think that shrink had never, never presents under the christmastree like toys or trains......:mad: :D


grove den

naturally natural trees
Most children are clever...

I think that Mr. Brain Young speaks( a very little bit) the truth...Yes there will be just some few children on this entirely globe be frightened because of the accidents BUT, and that is what I think, the parents of these children are responsible for what and when these children watching television. So if the child's nature showes that it is frightened just don't let him/her look to these kinds of"Terror Accidents" or even better watch it together and talk about it: Children are not stupid!



S.L.O.&W. Trainman
Be AFRAID! Be very AFRAID! For every kid that is afraid there are 100s now wanting to ride on the train cause it might crash.... COOL!!!!!


Put ten kids in a room and give each one of them a small train set.

Within a short period of time, 9 of them will have combined their sets just to be able to stage "crashes".

It's the TENTH one who needs the psychiatrist!!!

Darrell, quiet...for now


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Right and maybe Bob should delete the thread Derailment on the Black Lake Southern before it has an influence on our younger members.
Darrell =just to be able to stage "crashes".
Yes I saw that happen, the problem was that they were my trains, oh! well
The physiology problem began when they gave these shysters credibility in the courts, now when a kid gets hurt on a playground they have to bring a bus load of these quacks in to council the whole school.
I'll admit some things are horrific, but one incident I recall while in the third grade was a house burned down with the seven children inside,(they all died) some kids in our class actually saw them at the upstairs windows, a short discussion of about 5 minutes took place in class (the kids were allowed to tell what they saw), then it was books out and start the lessons for the day. Maybe we were a tougher breed then and didn't need the jackasses and their ideas to handle situations. Now as I understand it from a friend of mine the phsyco course starts with the study of animal behavior, " gee it's too bad they didn't learn a thing from that"
Cheers from an old curmudgeon :D Willis


Running the MC & Buffalo
Ouch I think I just got hit by a Train. In our day it was too much of The Three Stooges. My parents use to say that watching them would put to many bad ideas in my head. Well I can't remember the last time ihit someone in the head with a hammer !!!!
But we grew up with a sense of right and wrong. Todays kids are raised by the TV, thou IMO bein afriad of thomas .. is a wee bit far fetched. Now the constant violence thats always on tv is another more worrysome prospect

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