the frogs are making me squiemish HELP


ok all i have been hearing lately on forums is about frogs until littel while i didnt know they could cause problems. I heard that steam Loco's will stall out on them but when using dcc with Diesel loco's what kind of wiring do i need to do. And if you could can you some how put it in idiots terms offense to myself... but it kinda confusing me and couldnt seem to find a answer.

Ps im sry if this has been asked before but i just cant seem to get it :p
If the tender has power pick up you should be fine. Its the length & lack of connection on plastic frogs...
On DCC "friendly" turnouts, the frog does not have power on it to prevent possible shorts, but it usually isn't very long. Most all the new locos have all-wheel power pickup and shouldn't give you any problems. This means that you will be picking up power even though you have a couple of wheels on the dead frog. I have some very short switchers that make it just fine and all my steamers do also.
I use Atlas Custom #4s and #6s, and the only problem loco I ever had was any 4-6-2 steamer. For some reason, they never liked them.

The other problem I have/had was if the turnouts were in a ladder formation or in consecutive positions (one after another). Then, some 4-axle diesels may stall on them because the distance between frogs just happened to be the distance between the trucks. And, that's a bad coinkey-dink....


I've got just about that spacing on my mainline in a very busy section - I try and keep that track very clean.
Yeah, me too. But, when they stall out, I look really, really closely, and it always seems to be the power trucks sitting on the unpowered frog....