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Some of the motive power is just sitting in the display case, collecting dust. Every one of them is DCC with sound, except the F7A&B in the second from the bottom shelf.

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I'm hoping to avoid some of this 'displaying mode'. I'm providing a few places on my layout where the locos will be sitting by ready to go to work.
1) couple of switching diesels for the upper container yard
2) SantaFe passenger station & SF maintenance bldg on upper level
3) logging least 3 locos (on upper level)
4) switcher for port area terminal pier and carfloat on lower level
5) switcher for container terminal on lower level
6) switcher for steel mill area on lower level
7) lots of BIG steamers in turntable/roundhouse area
8) number of locos sitting in my potential 18 staging tracks (3 areas of 6 tracks each) below the lower main deck, sub-deck

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Been a while since I last posted in this thread.
I've decided to add an auto rack loading facility to the layout. I've got the wood, track and a few turnouts to make it happen.
The following pictures illustrate the progress.
The first picture is looking toward the intermodal facility with the tracks of the auto racks drawn in with black lines. It will hold 4 auto racks in the actual loading track and another 8 auto racks in the longer staging tracks.

Track Plan for Auto Rack Facility.jpg

This next picture is the start of grading the benchwork for laying the plywood then the road bed on that.
The track will come off of the tracks on the right side of the peninsula but the loading facility will actually be on the left side of the peninsula. The tracks on the right are the feeder tracks to the intermodal facility.
I'm working around the signal heads. So far, haven't broke any of them.



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This is the only thread in the whole world that I'm posting about the construction of the empire. Not even on the dark web.
Thanks. Sure do miss your updates. Caught a couple of videos and love the Diablo Canyon Bridge. Looks great. Hope you'll be posting more often.

Out here, we are looking to downsize and I will be dismantling my layout. Have a guy coming out to purchase what I have. I can still go over to Livingston and run at the club.

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Back from my meandering around the country. 6400+ miles in 3 1/2 weeks, mostly on secondary roads between Virginia and California. Temperature ranged from 42 one morning in Wyoming to 118 in Needles, CA.
Anyway, back to building the railroad.
Added another track and some roadbed to the auto rack loading facility.
The track with the tube laying on it is the second loading rack in addition to the one to the right of it.
The roadbed to the left will be one of three ready tracks.
I think I'll be able to put three auto racks on each loading track then at least 12, maybe 15 auto racks on the ready tracks.
Way in the background are two auto racks sitting on the switcher siding. Auto racks will be picked up and dropped off onto the ready tracks and the switcher will be used to actually spot the racks on the loading tracks. I wouldn't trust the road engine crews to carefully spot the racks without destroying the auto ramps.


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Worked on this little project for the past couple days. Completed it this morning. Auto racks roll in and out of this real smooth.
I can park 9 on the two loading tracks on the right and another 15 on the three ready tracks to the left.
The bare area past the ends of the track is the intermodal facility during modern era ops and a coal fire plant during 1950s era ops.



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