Spray both idea

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Pennsy Tuscan Red Blood
I'm installing a new range hood over then oven. So, as I sit the old hood on the ground on it's side, the light bulb in my head goes on (not the one in the hood:p ). A spray booth!

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I have some ideas on how to transform it. But I want your opinions first. Has anyone done this before, and wll it work? I'll have to modify the duct to vent out the back.


Drum Driver
I would think it would. I know the only worry with a paint booth explosion is when thinners ignite when a electrical charge happens. But you'd need a large build up of fumes. If the fan was running prior to any painting you should be fine..it's the off and on that creates the spark. And I'd think the motor for over a stove that handles grease would be somewhat protected. Only thing that might effect the motor contacts would be a built up of paint residue. But if you change the filter to the paper type we used in large paint booths you should be ok.


Hey Ron, its a good idea and a good start for a hood, but U need to do alot of work on it. First you have to creat the booth itself ;) U only got the hood there :) 2nd I don't know if the extractor of a hood is strong enough, but if it is I still doubt it will serve long, since normally the spray gets stuck to the fan blades and after some time ( depending on the frequency U will spray in it ) it will get stuck. Anyway, all can be done and having the hood is a good start :D


Armchair Engineer
That hood should work just fine. With a paper filter in there it should keep the fan fairly clean and if you wash down the blades once a month with thinner or water depending on the paint you are using it should give you long service. I was thinking of doing exactly the same thing. It should be vented outside. I was going to use flexible plastic clothes dryer duct so that the booth can be moved around. You might also want to put a different lightbulb in there such as the bulbs used for automotive trouble lights. They are a special rugged duty bulb available at auto parts stores. Good luck with your project. Ron


I plan on using a large clear plastic storage container for the enclosure. Just haven't had a chance to work on it. Saw a webarticle using one.



Ron, I have been looking into building my own and ran across one like you were talking about. The danger with motors are the arching of brushes, so brushless motor fans are recommended. Don't know about the stove hood fans, but one fellow rationalized that if it handles flammable grease vapor, it should handle other flammables. If you use acrylics, it wouldn't matter.

Also, the amount of air moved from your hood may or may not be adequate. The paint hoods you buy come with 165-180 cfm fans. Stove hood fans are less than that, but still may work fine. Definitely use a different filter like those on your AC/Furnace and install it where it can be replaced. Some filters, like those for allergens have better filtration of the smaller particles. The one I saw had the hood in the back with a clear acrylic top, wood sides, and wood bottom attached. The light was on top and outside so it wouldn't get paint all over it.

Dang! This thread reminds me to get myself going on this.:eek: :D


Pennsy Tuscan Red Blood
AHHHHhhhhhh!:eek: DISASTER!:mad: My wife saw it sitting there and tossed it in the trash, before I realized she did it. We live in a condo complex and it's already in the dumpster/crusher.

Normally, this is grounds for divorce, Right? Fortunately she's a good woman in every other way... She's a keeper.;)

I guess till next remodel, the spray booth will have to wait. Ah heck, I probably would have blown up from the motor and fumes... she would've been well off with the insurance money. Boy did she make a mistake.:D


Diesel Detail Freak
Man Ron, you don;t realize how lucky you are! My wife would have called me at work to ask why I didn't take it out to the trash!

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