Sometimes less is more

Charles Smiley

Just a pokey local with three loads for the town's lumber business that I haven't built yet. :)

Most definitely. The biggest challenge we face is accepting the limitations placed on us by our available space. A train like this one looks much more realistic that a 4-8-4 trying to pull 85 ft passenger cars around 18" or even 22" radius curves!
Thanks gents.

It's one of the first "looking down" shots of the layout that I've taken with a camera, come to think of it. Usually I go for ground level only.
I like the lumber loads. I have several very similar. The nice thing about small trains is that you can have very well detailed cars in it and all will be noticed. Long trains are kind of overwhelming.

Hurry with the lumber company Charles or the owner will be bankrupt from the per diem charges. :rolleyes: Nice shot!