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SF 4th District

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Hello, I've just joined this group. I live in South Orange County, California. I've never seen these before but how are the Semi Trucks from Malibu International, are they just cabs or do they come with trailers. Is there must interest in these? Does Walmart sell them?


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I have a bunch of the semi tractors, but I don't think they make the trailers for them, unless you buy them from some other source besides WM. The WM store that I buy from in my town has an abundant of 1 color left. WM might stop selling them next month because of not much interest. You have to look in your WM to see if they have any left.
Don't forget to look in the Clearance Isles.



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I dunno Larry, My store is selling them like HOT CAKES still. I see a case, the next week its half empty, the week after another new full one...

P.S. this has been discussing in great detail & scrutiny in the 1/87 vehicle thread.

P.P.S. Where at in OC are you?

SF 4th District

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I;ll look in my local train store and see what trailers works good with them.

I live in San Juan Capistrano. I am a Malibu International dealer. I bought a case of the 1:87th cars. I had a vendor table at the Fullerton Railroad Days in May. Even thought Walmart sells them I got really good public response about them. I sold enough at a retail price ( $3 each or 5 for $10) to almost pay my cost for the case, I wholesaled the rest to my existing customers at a dealer cost price. I am going to order enough items on my next order to qualify at distributor pricing and will be able to sell to dealers. Hopefully I can get the Microns also.
You can try the Foothill Ranch, Laguna Niguel, San Clemente WM stores and there maybe be some there. If you want to come more north there is the Anahiem store which is a big store. I was in the Lakewood store today and plenty of tractors still available:D In the LA area so far the only store I'd seen redoing their shelves was the Baldwin Park Supercenter. Alot of vehicles were in carts going to the clearance rack. I tried to look at the mod sheet to see if more or less 1/87 vehicles be available but the worker was too busy so she kept crossing my path so I left:(

SF 4th District

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I'm ordering some cars and trucks this week My supplier has one master case left of the trucks. The models included in the truck assortment are (colors vary):

Volvo FH 16
Ford Aeromax
Volvo VT 800
Ford 9000
MB Unimog U300

SF 4th District

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I looked at the Malibu Trucks in 2 of my local Walmarts and noticed they were just a generic looking truck without any names. I called my supplier and asked for samples, I was sent a Red tilt cab Volvo FH16 and a white convential cab Freightliner. Both trucks appear to have nicer detail and possibly more chrome looking pieces than the genericversion. These both have a logo on them and the Volvo has clear plastic lenses for headlights. I was impressed by the samples I recieved.


Stay off the tracks!
Hmmm, Anaheim Wally-world... I'll be down there in a month or so. I'll have to see if they have the Fresh Cherries cars.

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