Scratch Built Newsstand in N Scale


Co-owner, N Scale Limited
Here is a newsstand I built for my 1940s N scale city -- scratch built from strip and sheet styrene with printed details and awning added. The newspapers on the bench are individually folded papers.



If your interested in the specific construction steps, you can read more on my site as well as download all of the printed items:

Part 1 -
Part 2 -
Part 3 -
Very nice work. Showing it with that bottle of paint as a size reference really shows how difficult it is to add that level of detail in N scale.
very nice work!! i like the fact that you added a paint bottle for
size. sometimes you cant tell the size of a object from just
the pic
Well sir,I am certainly impressed that little fella is awesome.
Thanks for the feedback

I'm glad you guys like the newsstand. It was a fun project to do.