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Diesel Detail Freak
I figure since I took quite a few shots at the musuem, of the HO layouts (I'll get the other scales some other time), now I can post a thread showing the layouts there...

We begin our tour on the San Diego Model Railroad Clubs layout, representing the San Diego & Tujinana area.

F unit set (sorry about the head in the shot, he wouldn't move for me...):
View attachment 3769

BNSF lead train on the "high line"
View attachment 3770

My down the street shot, uncropped...
View attachment 3771

And the uncropped Caboose shot...
View attachment 3772


Diesel Detail Freak
High shot of the BNSF Macs that I posted in the gallery...
View attachment 3773

Now on to the other side of the layout...

My attempt to catch the CNW set, man they had these buggers really moving, al the shots of them are blurry. Downtown San Diego is being built in the background.
View attachment 3774

More of the San Diego area, just a bit south of Downtown now, trying to catch the meet...
View attachment 3775

North of San Diego, home of the current day Del Mar area IIRC...
View attachment 3776


Diesel Detail Freak
Again, the Makeshift signaling... A member explained it to me, they use prototype signals, the crews have to follow them, and since the plywood basin was still unsignaled territory, they have the makeshift signal.
View attachment 3781

Hand layed track & switches...
View attachment 3782

Wiring conduit, just drop the wires in some cheep metal rain gutters!
View attachment 3783

And now on to the "lower portion" of the layout, this portion is the sceniced area.
View attachment 3784


Diesel Detail Freak
Just down the hill, a BNSF coil car unit train slows to a stop to allow a SP Cabforward to come down... The rear of the train is at "Cliff" conveintly named for the cliff.
View attachment 3785

SP units pass each other, down the hill from Cliff (can't remember the location)
View attachment 3786

At the far end of the layout you can watch the trains head on, in all reality though, this is the DPU on the rear of the BNSF Coil car train...
View attachment 3789

Just past the tunnel in the previous picture, the come out here...
View attachment 3788


Diesel Detail Freak
The SP Cabforward just about to exit a tunnel
View attachment 3790

Down the hill from the tunnel.
View attachment 3791

Here's a LONG Reefer train climbing that same area, after leaving the First of many horseshoe curves on the way up the hill... At the "bottom" here, after the curve is a small yard. A member explained it to me, as the downhill trains use so much braking power, the grease bearings got hot, so they'd stop the trains here to let them cool.
View attachment 3792

Downhill train, with the Reefer train almost to the area perviously mentioned, just south of Cliff, in the backround. You can also see most of the yard here.
View attachment 3793

Steve B

Well Josh,,,what can i say,,, I WANT to go, I WANT TO GO,,,,

Fantastic Photo shoot Josh, it's given me some ideas


Diesel Detail Freak
I was trying to get some detail shots, but the digital zoom + not the "perfect lighting", they didn't turn out.


Lazy Daydreamer

EXCELLENT shots of the SDMRRM!:cool: Thanx for posting them.

This brings back memories: When I first enlisted in the Navy and was attending Class A school in S.D. in the early 1970's, I belonged to the MRR club that had a layout in a building at the Balboa Park Zoo. Don't know if it was the same club as these guys, the layout was much smaller but still impressive [to ME anyway]. During the 6-month period I was stationed at NTC San Diego, I made a few "pilgrimages" to Cajon Pass, Tehacheppi and Barstowe.

bnsf sammy

jbaakko said:
The sign says "cliff" just down the hill, beyond that I didn't know the location.
Right, that it about the only location sign that is in public view. After the train goes around that curve at Cliff, it enters Tunnel 5, goes through Tunnel 3, then proceedes through Bealville (where the railroad crossing is), then Allard, goes into Tunnel 2 and makes its way downgrade, which your picture captures. :)

grove den

naturally natural trees

I just "discovered"your pictures from 08- 10-2006 thread.:eek:
This forumis so hugh:)
They are GREAT: the pictures and the layouts as well!!
Thanks (again) Josh!



Stay off the tracks!
Well, I was in the area last week... but didn't have any time to spare to go see the layouts. Wish I did...

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