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Welp... I'm here in St. Pete Beach at the Tradewinds resort.

The flight was interesting. I wanted the legroom, and an aisle seat, and on the 2nd leg via a 757, only the exit row/boarding door (mid ship) had that criterion. But, I had to get up to get my computer bag out of the overhead, since I had NO under seat storage. so, my row darted off as soon as the boarding door was open before the flight steward stopped those of us in steerage so the important 1st class travelers could deplane first!

But, getting to the resort made up for it. I got my room went up, and opened the door. The shower was running, bed unmade, and an open suitcase on the other bed... shut that door quickly and headed back to the desk.

Got a minor upgrade on the room, and now have the world's narrowest functional balcony
Screen Shot 2023-09-18 at 1.53.20 PM.png

Fortunately, the iron and ironing board worked. I've got the party shirts all ironed and ready to rock this week.

Screen Shot 2023-09-18 at 1.52.56 PM.png

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Afternoon All,

Started out the day with a walk at 80F and humid. Later I did some chores then after lunch ran some errands which of course included a grocery store. After chores I finished the cow field project and added a swing set in the mine town. Not sure what's on our agenda tomorrow.

David- Nice photos. I really liked the Gilbralter one.

Troy- Interesting story. That could have turned bad quickly.

Willie- Great scene in front of the store.


The water is so clear it looks like it's not there.


20230918_103838 (8).jpg

20230918_103845 (1).jpg

20230918_103855 (1).jpg


I hope everyone has a good night.


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Late to the party, but I noticed that Dallas put a case of whoop-ass on the Jets. That's two NY (New Jersey) teams in a row.
I did not see the game, but I followed it online as I watched Washington and Denver. Dallas scored a touchdown on their first possession after a nearly six-minute, fourteen play, seventy-five-yard drive, which was impressive!

I expected a hard-fought game as the Jets defense is loaded with star players. The Jets were only down by 8 at the half, but they were unable to score in the second half.

I take it with a grain of salt. The modern NFL preseason has most teams unprepared to begin the regular season. We will see what happens in week three or four. So far Dallas has been head and shoulders above thier opponents.


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Good morning gang!

TomO, congrats on the anniversary!! You have alot more then we do! (3, then 4 next month) but then again I've had 3 wives. AS the saying goes, IF at first you don't succeed................I think I did!

Gorgeous day out there right now, bright and sunny and mild temps in the 70s expected! more of the same for this week with a rainy weekend on tap.

Oh, but the electric cars (and stuff) are gonna save the planet! They are gonna save it til it burns to a cinder!

Cars,, golf carts, skate boards, cell phones, all just a folly thinking they are safe. Its all smoke and mirrors and the environmental damage behind scenes is massive, and the human toll is shameful. It is time this world gets it head out of it's entitled a$$. The options are there, put down the kool-aid.
Off my soapbox now. Have a nice day!
Karl: I think you are right. Lithium Battery fires are more common every day, everywhere. FDs now have technical support people, specifically trained on these devices, that respond to the obvious situations. Activists, Idealists and wishful thinkers do not respond to lithium battery fires, The news media doesn't cover them except as matter of fact. No one is raising the alarm. Philadelphia Fire Dept. did a FB video on the dangers of smaller batteries and what they do when shorted. Scary. It takes 5x the water to extinguish a fire in an electric car, vs. a conventional gasoline powered car. And the electric car is then more likely to rekindle. Not to mention the carbons emmited from the burning plastic rubber and vinyl. This is not a political issue, it's a safety issue. The scientific community needs to take a better look at this.


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Good morning, all! The sun is out, 83 degrees, and not a whisper of wind. I had intended to try and mow, but when it's this still, I don't because it just feels that much hotter.
Thanks for the suggestions for the green signal light. They come with resistors already attached, though I'm not sure of the spec.

TomO - Congratulations to you and Terry. Seems a number of us selected September to kill bachelorhood.
Sherrell - I married a Conductress, not a Conductor. And you you cut 10 years from my "life" sentence. (57 yrs not 47yrs).

September is a good month in our families. Both our birthdays are coming up on the 27th and 29th.

Mom and dad were married in September and dad’s birthday is the 21st

one of Terry’s brothers was born in September and her mom and dad were also married in September


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Good morning all. Rain. Rain and more rain.
Arranging to have an elevator installed in the house to help Dawn, so not much running of trains at the moment.

Alone on the Ocean - not quite.


MSC Seashore arriving at Marseille 8th Sept 23


When it wasn't raining. Out in the Garden



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Good morning from So. Central Wisconsin where the needed rain is falling. It has been steady since at least 3:15 when I started tossing and turning. It should continue through the day with a couple T-boomers moving in around noon. It’s 57f degrees heading towards 71

Yesterday was a pleasant day for the anniversary and Terry and I both thank everyone for the well wishes. Dinner out last night was Italian and was superb. It might be in the top 3 dinners out I have had in 2023.

Groceries are on the agenda but it’s Terry on her own today! It’s our normal Tuesday grocery run but it’s also layout day. We spend $100 on non-alcoholic groceries and we get $20 off (she has a weekly coupon) and additionally for every $20 we spend we get another $.20 per gallon gas savings. Gas yesterday was $3.69 but we are already at $4.12 rewards savings per gallon. Nice part about our rewards program is that if you have more then the pump price per gallon, there are carry overs. So I already have a good start on the discount for the next fill up! When I pulled in the garage last night the warning came on telling me we have a range of 45 miles left in the tank.

At 9 this morning the soldering guy and a helper for him will arrive. They are going to add the feeders to the next power bus. The next 300’ of bus is getting about 100 pair of feeders on the main and 2 sidings. At 10, 2 more will show to install the mainline roadbed. There is roughly 340‘ of main between the main level entrance from the nolix on the east end to the staging entrance on the west end. The framework is in place for about 300’ of that. My daughter and I did get the 2 return loops framed up and the 2” foam base installed yesterday. I cut the feeder pairs last night before bed and this morning I will punch them through the foam. The soldering guys will start at the staging yard loop! At 1PM we will have hamburgers, various chips, dips and salsa. Terry made zucchini muffins for desert.

I was asked by the soldering guy in a text last night when I was going to buy the DCC system for the main part of the layout. I purchased the NCE Power Cab I use now for the programming and test track. I was aware that it probably couldn’t power the entire layout but figured for testing, it would be fine. We will stop at Hiawatha Hobbies tomorrow to pick up circuit breakers for the layout and possibly 2 Scaletrains NS 9-40c locomotives (One for me and 1 for a client). Even with WIsconsin sales tax the circuit breakers are less than other online shops only because there is no shipping, plus they have 5 in stock. We will also be having lunch with the Son in Laws dad just a few miles away. I replied that I’m not 100% sold on the NCE wireless system as I will need at least 2 boosters. I like the look and reviews on the Digikeijs system but it’s been out of stock all Summer at Iron Planet Hobbies. I replied I will buy a system in October (unless a deal is offered tomorrow I cannot refuse) after we return from our travels.

So at least a busy morning for me
enjoy the day


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September is a good month in our families. Both our birthdays are coming up on the 27th and 29th.

Mom and dad were married in September and dad’s birthday is the 21st

one of Terry’s brothers was born in September and her mom and dad were also married in September
That's quite a record! Mine is September, my son's is in September and my dad missed it by one day - August thirty first!
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