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Here are photos of photos from an old picture album when we did have a garden. The people in the photos are my grandfather and my daughter who is now in her mid 40's. We had quite a garden back then. My grandfather would come up every summer from Florida where he retired to and spend a few months with us. As he got older we had him move in with us s he had quit driving. He enjoyed working in the garden and loved cooking which made my wife and I happy.




We did find a hybrid sweet corn that we could grow here. Great corn and we had lots of it. My cousin from Indiana was visiting one year and couldn't get over how good it was and there was plenty of corn in Indiana. She and her parents and brothers would goto farms close by home and picked what they wanted.


My grandfather immigrated here and was in the US Calvary under General Pershing. He was quite the man. He passed away at our home at the age of 99.

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Afternoon All,

Started out with chores and having grandsons cutting the yard...too hot and humid for me anymore. I worked on the layout for a couple of hours and did get the track in for the steam loco servicing and figured out the layout of the facilities. I laid the first layer of cork going to the coaling tower coal dump (will require 2 layers for proper height). I also put in a additional spur for a industry that I had planned elsewhere. I'll take a photo tomorrow.

Hughie- Condolences on your BIL's. That's really tough. Great news on your DM.

Joe- Great pictures.

Karl- Sounds like a great part time job.

Lee- The cars look great. I kitbashed 4 Pennsy TOFC based on Tichy 40 ft. flat cars. I'll post a picture tomorrow.

Troy- Nice looking benchwork.

Sherrel- Nice photos.

Chet- Nice video. I almost always watch train videos with the sound off. What great family remembrance photos.

Willie- Nice looking industries and rail cars.

I hope everyone has a good night.


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Hi Shop Dwellers, 74*F and sunny in my central MD neighborhood. Glad I mowed the lawn on Thursday.

Went to Blue Ridge Summit this morning as planned, and picked up the sandblasted shells. Karl did contact me while I was up there, so I stopped at his house and visited for ~ an hour, and walked out with three old Walthers steel coil flatcars that he had no use for, but I do (one can never have too many coil cars on a steel mill layout). It was a gorgeous day for driving thru the countryside, my route pretty much paralleled the Maryland Midland (former WM) main line and there is spectacular scenery all along the way.

After Karl's, I stopped at the last surviving LHS in my area (Pro Custom) and picked up two pre-ordered Athearn Genesis ICC bay window cabooses, here are the latest additions to the "family":


These, along with the two Tangent I-18's I got recently, will give me the variety I've been needing in my caboose fleet.

Chet - according to my [m.d.] wife, the outward appearance of young girls in the present age is not the ONLY change that seems to occur much earlier nowadays than it did 50 years ago :rolleyes:. Bummer about that wildfire, hope you won't be impacted by it!

Gotta run, I've got dinner duty tonight and the natives are hungry...


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Willie. Nice garden that’s a lot of plants and the look good. Your pics are nice as well thanks for posting

Chet. Hope your alright and those pics are nice of your garden. I used to garden that big when my Father in law was alive. Now with my increasing Arthritis I’ve scaled it down to a small modest one

Curt. Thanks for the complement I would like to see those

Does any body know what happened “Johnny” I think that’s his name I think he lived in Southwest Missouri can’t remember what he went by on here.

Well got all the mowing done today so I’ll leave you with a pic from Dough Hill layout


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Those wild fires are frightening, once they get going, they take on a life of their own. Stay safe.

Chet: nice photos. The ones of your grandfather are priceless memories.

Willie: your tomatoes look great. My yield this year is about seven tomatoes and three peppers so far, with a couple weeks before they are done. I need to relocate my garden to a different part of the yard, where there is more sunlight. I like your Grain Elevator district. That's a lot of work.

Ken: Those two Genesis Cabins look great. Did you post a photo of the Tangents?

Lee: Nice work on the piggyback flats.

Mike: Belmar is always nicer after Labor Day. While Governor Knucklehead opened the beaches last May, the Camp Meeting at Ocean Grove must have remained closed. Or they were in stealth mode.

RDG 9111 at Powellton Ave.jpg

Reading 9111 and companions running over the former PRR/PC at Powelton Ave MU Yard. The Reading MUs did not have Cab signals or train control, so they were restricted to the Media - West Chester line, which did not have cab signals in service, although it did have ABS in effect. These rebuilt MUs were air conditioned.

Amtrak 921 and Train.jpg

Amtrak's Savings Bond Motor # 921 on the Corridor with a long haul.


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Howdy ...

We returend home from Nashville today . We had an enjoyable time, but we ate too much food at a top quality restaurant. Thank you to each of you who expressed well wishes for our anniversary.

It appears the economy is doing well with so many trucks on the highway hauling freight, and in Nashville where numerous large buildings are under construction with big tower cranes at work.

Chet .... It is good to see your family photos.

Willie ..... Your tomatoes look good.

Everybody .... I can't comment on all of your interesting conversations and photos tonight. Hopefully I can catch up soon.


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Morning all.

I worked a deal with FLO... and brought in some yummies that Mel would just screw up if he tried. I get free coffee and she gets to sell these to you. Cinnamon rolls from one of those pop-open tubes that will shoot your eye out if you're not careful.

Had a nice day with the daughter and boyfriend yesterday. He might be a keeper. They've been dating 1.5 years, and he's got both an engineering degree and a job in his field.

No garden pics. We have a patio with two small patches of dirt. Wife does buy apples and makes awesome apple butter in the slowcooker. May share pics of that later.

I'm loving the pics of models and layouts. Keep them coming to help inspire us newbies.


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Yes Raincoat2 that’s him he was from Springfield Mo.
Lee - Johnny bid us farewell, at least temporarily. Lots of things going on in his life. He and his wife Dena worked for a university and they had to start working from home last spring. They are planning retirement and were also looking for some property/house in Arkansas or East Texas. Going along with that, they were getting their current home ready for market. He dismantled his layout in preparation for that, and posted a few pictures a couple of months ago. He also had an extensive woodworking shop that he was having to deal with. He didn't indicate whether he was going to move it as well, or dispose of the equipment.


Same Ol' Buzzard
Good Morning All. Clear skies and 70° in my backyard. Still dark though. Looks like summer is really over here, only 90° yesterday, and the next three days won't be much different. Then low 70's with a brisk north wind starting Wednesday, maybe more rain.

What's that Flo? Mel has a hangover this morning! Better make mine Corn Flakes, milk and a piece of toast. Oh! And let me have one of Troy's cinnamon rolls.

Thanks for all of the likes and comments regarding yesterday's grain elevator pictures; Tom O, Chet, Troy, Lee, Phil, Hughie, Sherrel, Curt, Tom, Justin, Ken, Karl, Joe, Garry.

Yesterday's adventure in the train shed included running trains, spreading ground cover and making two trees. I also caught up with reading MR which finally dried out after getting wet from the rain in the mailbox last Tuesday. No pictures from yesterday, but I am almost done with the ground cover in my targeted project area. I also prepared some traffic signs; paint is drying on the posts overnight before assembly today.
Let's continue with the tour of grain elevators on the layout. This next one is the last one on the lower level. It is also in the same town of Graham as the Valley Growers elevator from yesterday. Prairie Star Milling is another kit from Walther's, this one depicting a wooden elevator.
09-05-20 008.JPG

You may remember this one from a recent layout project that I posted.
Moving to the upper level is another Walter's kit, which I cannot recall the exact name of. I call it Lewiston Grain Coop, after the owner/operator.
09-05-20 001.JPG

Right next door is a small feed and seed dealer owned also by Mr. Lewiston.
09-05-20 002.JPG

It is part of the same Walther's kit.
Two more to go tomorrow. I don't like the pictures that I took and I am going to re-take them.

Joe -
I have two projects for the weekend, one, to consolidate some of my modeling notes
Wow! What a never ending project that would be for me!o_O I may even have some written on the wall.
Tom O - Jeans weather usually doesn't start here until late October. But there are many days in July/August when no clothes might be more comfortable!
Lee - Regarding the beans, Blue Lake are my "go to" beans here as well. Other than Topcrop, all others have not done well. Nice looking cucumber and tomato plants. What tomato varieties grow well for you in that part of the world?
Hughie - Condolences on the loss of another BIL. Congratulations on your progress in conquering the diabetes.
Chet - That looks like quite a productive garden from back then. Especially with your short growing season. That green bean harvest looked really nice and I am surprised that corn does that well in your locale. I often wonder if I am going to quit gardening. I enjoy it and it is good exercise for me. I can easily afford groceries from the store, but my stuff just tastes better. I do know that at some point, my body is going to start to tell me to spend more time in the train shed and less in the garden!;) I have scaled back from 3/4 acre to just 1/4 acre.
Garry -
It appears the economy is doing well with so many trucks on the highway hauling freight, and in Nashville where numerous large buildings are under construction with big tower cranes at work.
I have to agree with you on the economy. That's not what some politicians are telling us, but maybe I am not seeing the other side. Around here there are help wanted signs on every business.

Nothing really special about today. Keep safe, wear your mask in public, (so no one knows who you are!) and go to the church of your choice.
Everybody have a great day and keep those grills fired up.


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Well, I took the plunge on a refurbished Dell Optiplex desktop, which has had several of the important bits replaced with new and tons of go faster power/speed bits. An early version Intel i5, but more than capable for what I do. Here's the specs. AU$550.

Product Name:​
Dell Optiplex 7010 MT Desktop PC with Intel i5-3470 CPU, Gigabyte GTX 1050 4GB Ti (NEW) and 16GB RAM
Intel® 3rd generation Core™ i5-3470
Operating System​
Windows 10 Pro
Removable Media Options​
Gigabyte GTX 1050 4GB Ti (NEW)
500GB HDD + 480GB SSD (NEW)
Front Panel​
4 USB ports
1 Mic port
1 Speaker port
DVD drive
Back Panel​
Power plug port
PS2 port for mouse and keyboard
6 USB ports
1 Serial port
1 VGA port
2 Display ports
1 Speaker port
1 Mic port
1 HDMI Port
1 LAN port
Looks like a great deal to me King Toot!
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