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Curse You, Red Baron!
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good Morning from out here where the overnight low was 76 and another "barn burner" day is expected at 110 (official 112 locally here yesterday)

But there are many days in July/August when no clothes might be more comfortable!
I hear you there, Willie. With the better half out at her mom's house - I have been wearing my speedo's with a old thin T-shirt. I;d post a photo, but I know that it would only make you guys jealous! Beady would just post with no warning - eek!

TROY - Thank you very much for the "rolls", FLO, I'd like one of those before they get gone - I know that they will not last long around this place?

Need a refill on the coffee, Will be back in a moment -- Willie, the grain elevators look real good.
JOE - You have really, seriously been putting up some GREAT photos with excellent lighting and perspective!


Beach Bum
Wow! What a never ending project that would be for me!o_O I may even have some written on the wall.

Willie: I was only referring to the most recent stuff. I have large office binders with stuff, lost in plain site on shelves and loose papers everywhere.
Going through some of the stuff I found, I wondered why I kept it, as I was never going to do what the article was about. Guess I'm a pack rat at heart. :rolleyes:
I have to agree with you on the economy. That's not what some politicians are telling us, but maybe I am not seeing the other side. Around here there are help wanted signs on every business.

Garry & Willie:
There is a lot of new commercial construction going on around here also...that segment seems to be doing quite well. There are others, who haven't worked since March, when Knucklehead shut the State down, and not everyone is getting paid. Businesses are realizing that they can get by with fewer people and smaller facilities, so that indicates portions of the economy are due to shrink, in the near future. Guess it depends on what one looks at.


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Morning all. A Muggy 73 degrees here in the Ozark Foothills. Flo. I’ll have one of those Cinnamon rolls that Troy brought.

Sherrel. Hope you enjoyed your “Frisco” day

Troy. Glad all went well with the Daughters Boyfriend that can be tricky

Garry. Happy anniversary I forgot to post it yesterday. Seems the Intermodal has been busy the last couple months I pulled a lot of containers last month although most of it was Christmas stuff that’s probably why you’re seeing more Trucks out there now. Hallmark had 350 containers this year were down to 35 it’s going to slow down for me soon October is always a slow time for me.

Joe. Yes I agree with Willie been posting some great Pics

Willie. I raise Celebrity tomatoes seems I have the best luck with them. There more disease resistant and don’t require a lot of attention like other tomatoes do. You’re Grain elevators are looking good thanks for posting the pics.

Thanks for the complements and likes yesterday. Taking a break from those Atlas O cars and going to rebuild some old AHM O scale cars for my Hudson Steamer. I’m changing out the floors and mounting 3 rail trucks to them. These cars were meant for 2 rail O scale track and I’m tired of them derailing. I’ll post some pics later of my progress. Here’s my Hudson MTD Railking when I bought got it was a Union Pacific they never had Hudson’s but one of my favorite Railroads did The NYC. So I repainted the tender and put some Microscale decals on. Here’s some pics of it
Enjoy your day I’ll check in later

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Gomez Addams
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Holy crap.
I just went to my favorite model train e-tailer, and found Athearn is selling their N scale Big Boy with DCC and sound for $499.98. DC and silent is $100 less.
This is one of the times I'm glad I have a tiny layout where a large engine can't run.

Texas Hobo

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Good morning track gang. Nearly 90 already. They are however predicting a cold front mid week, I'm jumping for joy, well maybe it's hopping.
Thanks to all for the condolences.
I'm working out a few details on a proposed new layout and will post when done. I would like some input. I will try to express my idea or how I envision the RR to be.




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Good morning. The wind let up and the temps are only supposed to be in the mid 80's today. Louis is correct, winter is coming. Saw a winter weather advisory out for out area. Lows could be in the upper 20's with a high only in the 50's. Hard to fathom that after a day in the upper 90's.

The winds caused the fire to take off to th north. It jumped a road and there were some mandatory evacuations. As of this morning, from Friday afternoon until this morning 11,000 have burned. The first photo was taken yesterday afternoon and the second I took on Bozeman Pass on the way to the club last evening. There is an entire mountain range behind all of that smoke. Sherrel, You didn't have to share the fires. One saving thing is that the weather will be changing on Monday.



Coming back from Livingston last night I only saw a few smaller fores from the interstate but the main fire would have been out of sight further to the north. The high winds we had yesterday have subsided so I hope the fire crews can get a handle on it. There were some structures lost, but I have no idea what they were. There are some really fancy homes in the area of the fire. A few years ago when I was still working for the trucking company we hauled 8 truckloads of sand from some place in New York for some idiots horse arena.

Thanks to all of you who commented on my family photos at the old garden.

IBKen - Really like those cabeese (cabooses).

Terry - I assume that a Big Boy has made it onto your shopping list.

Dave - The photos with the "M" are just north of Bozeman before you head over Bozeman Pass on I-90. Montana State University is in Bozeman.

Joe - Some choice photos. A commuter electric and a GG-1. Thumb up.gif

Willie - Like the photos. I have the Walthers grain elevator but it was quite a chore to fit it into the space I had available. 150+ grain cars?? That may be more than all of the freight cars I have. As for the garden we had, we did get enough out of it to last us for quite a while. The corn was an early sunglow hybrid. One of the few varieties that would grow here. We have a shorter growing season than those living in town because we are at a higher altitude. We also had plenty of spuds, green beans, peas, radishes, lettuce, cucumbers, dill, zucchini, and carrots. The wife used to do a lot of canning, but as the kids got older (and ate more) the time for canning was cut into die to the kids social and sports activities.

Alan - Lotsa luck with that unassembled steamer. It's bad enough to deal with when you take them apart. I painted quite a few brass locomotives. Some for myself and we had an O scale brass collector who I painted roughly 25 different items for him.

Had an interesting last night at the club for a while with bowling starting up. We had trains running in both directions on both main lines last night. There was a lot of scrambling for passing sidings and some waiting for trains to pass. Sure kept you on your toes. I did manage to get a total of 67 freight cars behind my F-7's last night and they really didn't have a problem with the train on the grade. I was going to add some more but then they started running in both directions so I had to shorten to train to fit either into a passing siding or a yard track.

Almost impossible to get a photo of an entire train that long, but here are a couple of shots at the club.


Now that the wind has died down I had better get the rain birds going.



Gomez Addams
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FYI, Model Train Stuff is having a Labor Day sale, 10% off your order through tomorrow.

Chet, that engine will only make it onto my shopping list is if the bill makes its way onto your credit card statement. It wasn't too many years ago I could buy a running used car for that amount.


Whiskey Merchant
FYI, Model Train Stuff is having a Labor Day sale, 10% off your order through tomorrow.

Chet, that engine will only make it onto my shopping list is if the bill makes its way onto your credit card statement. It wasn't too many years ago I could buy a running used car for that amount.

I doubt that will happen. For the most part I have pretty well stopped spending anything for model railroads. My layout is 99% complete. I have more than enough locomotives and rolling stock and no more room for any structures. I have more than enough landscaping goodies on hand also. The only money I have spent lately was for DCC locomotives to run at the club. Those Mainline F-7's are doing the job. With the possibility of moving still in the picture I can't see spending any more on the layout.
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