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Living in Dreamland; not the Dream
When I was 14yrs of age, me and my best friend would walk down Main Street of small town Alberta with .22cal rifles strung over our shoulders. Nobody could care less, as they knew we were just a couple of teen's going hunting. That's the way it was; lots of kids went hunting back then.
The only notice anyone ever took, was when the town cop passed by and rolled down his car window. He shook his digit finger at us and hollered, 'You're supposed to be 16 to carry those'! Then he continued on his way.
Things have changed drastically since then, and not for the better. Back then, we were free.

Good Morning! 33f and wet from rain outside, and I can see there is a heavy fog. It's probably a good day to go out and take photos; except that I just don't feel like it. Think I'll have a couple of coffee's before I start making a move. Not yet sure what I'm going to do today.

Since I stored all my photos onto a flash drive, I only have a few left to share with you. I'll have to take more photos or do some modeling before I come back into the shop.
The first pic is another shot of the Budd passenger car hooked up to the CN 6015 steam engine display in Jasper:

I was under wife pressure to get a move-on at the time, so I never took a photo of the Budd car forward of this one.

Here's a couple of a pair of stores in Jasper that have not seemed to change at all, since I was a child. Even after all these years, they look and smell the same. As a young person, I would spend $2.00 for a rowboat rental and a few cents on bait in these stores. Baxter's is my favorite store in Jasper:
JaspStore_10-18-2021 (1).jpg

JaspStore_10-18-2021 (2).jpg

Well, that's all I got today. Other than a big 'Thank-You' for all the likes on my morning ramblings.

Have a good one!


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Good morning Everybody!

Garry, we miss you.

I'm done working for the day, it's football Sunday! To be perfectly honest, I may do a few quick work tasks

Ken, a late happy birthday!

Ken, welcome back! Take it easy, just reading about your busy day made me want to take a nap. Reminder, you are not 20 anymore! My wife hates when I tell her that.

No need to better ID the Kens, they are both smart enough to figure it out.

FYI - I love the GG1, eighth wonder of the world in my book! Thank you Boris.

Atlanta vs Houston, I don't care who wins, it should be fun to watch! On second thought, would be nice for the Astros to show they don't need to cheat.

Cheating in sports... Can you imagine?!

The Capitals are undefeated in games ending in regulation. Now all they need to do is win an overtime game! The "great 8" continues his assent in the record books. Go Caps!

Wes Unseld won his NBA coaching debut. His Wizards are 2-0, undefeated! 😁 Go Wizards!

The Washington Football Team is in Green Bay today. Go The Washington Football Team?!... Decide on a name already. I have my Redskins sweatshirt on!

Feature game for me today, my favorite NFL team, the Baltimore Ravens host the much improved Cincinnati Bengals in a battle for first place in the AFC North. Go Ravens!

I miss my Orioles, at least my birds are tied for first!

Play Ball!

Have a great day Everybody!


Ol' School
Welcome to Sunday! Another good day on the periphery of the Great Basin, it's raining, again! 👍
A couple of "texas" raisin muffins please Flo, and a chilled glass of milk, thanx
"texas"= toast it until it's on the verge of flames. o_O To tell ya the truth, I don't know when I started calling it texas, just always have. "California" toast just doesn't quite have that same ring to it.
Troy, sorry to hear about your troubles with one of your groups. I had some trouble of my own, a rant as it were.....on being "policed" I wanted to get this post as close to Troy's as I could, to make it easier to scroll on by....😉

Went to local cell store to pay the bill, service for the month & pay off the new phone. The gal helping me was having 'puter issues helping me with some things on my account. When I went to pay up, they take checks, so she took the check and went to the cash register. In a minute she comes back over and grabs the manager & they go over to the register. In a bit they come back and he tells me he gets an error code when submitting the check. He say's it shows as insufficient funds, or there is a glitch in the system.
I go with a glitch in the system since she was having 'puter issues earlier and there is sufficient funds.

Later that day I'm at Home Depot with a couple hundred dollars of stuff, Ok, they take a check. It comes back as insufficient funds!
What is going on? The check-out gal writes on a tablet of sticky notes and says' here, call this number. The slip of paper has a bunch fine print on it about some check security company, (intel-a-check) or some such, and a phone number. A service that businesses subscribe to.
Down to the bank just to make sure all is good on the insuff. funds, all ok.
Now the phone call to these people, Too much activity on this account they say. Do you mean like the last time I wrote a check, about two weeks ago I says? Or, that this account is how I live, pay my bills, what I take care of business with I say? (99.9 % of local transaction I do is cash, can they see when I pull cash out of my account?) I also lean towards paying bills with Paypa when I can, can they see those transactions too? They are stead fast in their decision, Home Depot lost that sale I says...end of conversation, good bye!
I don't know, seems to me that this company has some pretty stringent parameters. An interesting note, the pad the gal had at Home Depot was pretty thick, which I read as, we are going to be handing a lot of these out.
So do the 2 companies that I write a check for their monthly service's have this particular check service? I dun no......
I understand that company's use this service, I'm just not getting how they really determined that I was a risk..........
Use of a debit card, only when I absolutely have to. Twice over the years (when I used it a lot) the card had been compromised. After the last fix, (what a PIA!) a shied away from using the card....
Well, at least there aren't any other problems going on........o_O If you made it thru this diatribe, here is a picture of the new Accurail WP 36004 representation to replace the Athearn/RndH model.



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Good morning global Modellers. The travels are in Pasadena, Ca. and it seems I brought some Wisconsin weather with me. 54f degrees now 69 for the high. But, there was 5 minutes of spritzing rain yesterday coming in from the airport.

Airports, I have traveled all over and I must say John Wayne in Burbank is one of the dirtiest places I have ever been to. I always thought the worst/dirtiest USA airport was in Phoenix but I have a new winner.

Today, we will help my sister continue unpacking in her condo which is a stunning 1100 sq’ 1 bedroom. Very impressed with my sister’s choice on this one. I found online a LHS called the Whistle Stop. I asked on HO Scale Shelf Layouts if there any good shops in the area and it turns out I did recognize it, the Orginal Whistle Stop. I will check the time it’s open and it’s under 2 miles so very easy to walk with Terry and maybe my sister will join us.

Have a great day, I will be back in a couple days, the creatures in the house, (my sister and Terry) are finally up and ready to go.



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My latest purchase

This is what happens when I have idle time with my Amazon tablet handy.

I must admit I presently do not have a layout or even an oval of track to run it on, but that never stopped me from buying stuff.

Thanks to my brilliant and trusted advisor (thank you Terry) I do have a pre-built, light weight, small portable bench work to set up and God willing I am going to find the time to do just that!

For me, next best thing to running trains, buying trains! 😁

Have a great day Everybody!


Beach Bum
The Washington Football Team?!... Decide on a name already.
The "great 8" continues his assent in the record books. Go Caps!
Atlanta vs Houston,
1. OTOH, leave it as it is, can't possibly offend anyone that way. ;) Numerous Soccer Teams call themselves things like FC New York. Why can't a real football team do this?
2. Ovie's on a tear. Hope the Russian Machine doesn't break! Nice to see that Kuznetsov remembered how to play hockey. He's on a tear also.
Over all, the team has looked sluggish, especially in the third period. Lot to prove this year, Go Caps!
3. As far as I'm is over for the year. Hope next season brings us a rejuvenated Nationals team and a competitive Orioles team...
4. Looks like both the Giants and the Jets are on at 1, so we might get a surprise game at 4, on one of the Networks, or two channels of "Paid programing". I'll pass.

Christian: Outstanding scenery, great photos.

Jerry: That's why I use a debit card...checks are not welcome in commerce any more. It's appalling how closely we are monitored these days, no matter what payment method we use. Good looking box car.

Garry: Great news, my friend. Take care.

Guy: Jasper looks like a cool place to visit.

Farmingdale Union Station.jpg

Slide of Farmingdale, NJ's Union Passenger demolished. Yes rural communities with population of 1329, (2010 Census), can have Union Stations. This one served passenger trains of the CRRNJ, (including the Blue Comet), and the PRR (Trenton and Red Bank), and was at the crossing of the CNJ Southern Division, and the PRR Freehold Branch.


Curse You, Red Baron!
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Morning (late) again! 55F degrees and going to be one of those C&C days under mostly sunny and 72F for a high. The guessers say rain is called for tomorrow - we will see!
I should have checked the forum before trying to contact GARRY! I tried his cell # and also his home # (that I did not realize I had in my contact list). No answer at neither number - then I read his post on here ... So glad to hear from you, GARRY. All were concerned!
then I happened to realize that if he is in intensive care that his phone is maybe off?

JERRY - sorry about the problems - I had to write a check a while back and after having to find my checkbook I had to remember how to write a check. I have grown too accompanied to the computer for all my banking and bill payments.

Christian - Beautiful photo of the kids! The other scenery looks great too!

Willie -- Your building is looking good along with the details.
Sure hope that Arlene has lots of patience; still a long time before surgery!
I looked at a Corned Beef the other day - it was $4.75 a pound - I love them, but I passed!

TomO - I had no idea that John Wayne A/P was dirty! How things are changing - I have not been on a plane in several years, but the last time I was through the Phoenix Hub - it was very nice 12 years ago!
While you are in town, you should ride down to San Diego and back on the coast route. I think it you can do it on the more cheap fares by changing trains in Oceanside. Ride down, have lunch next to the 'MIDWAY', and afternoon train back up!

Better git moving! Daylight is burning and I dislike the shorter days!


Curse You, Red Baron!
Staff member
Well DRAT! Neither team won that I was pulling for!
Guess I should NOT have decided to support the Dodgers - after watching their games, I'm not sure how they got there to start with. They need lots and lots of batting practice. I have never seen so many GOLF swings in my life - even pitches that hit the dirt in front of the plate.
Albert, mr. I'll never leave St Louis, needs a 2x6 for a bat! Why the Dodgers have him is a mystery?

OBTC 1909

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Good afternoon all! Mid 60's, rainy and windy here. Off work today, so just bumming around home.
Thank you all for the birthday wishes!
I've said it before, but you guys just blow me away with your modeling abilities. Willie, love the pictures you've been posting.
My wife just got lunch ready (fried chicken!!!) so I'm heading to the table.
Have a great day everyone!
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