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Yes it's a monthly edition now, so tomorrow is a new one. Or will yours be yesterday and mine will be tomorrow?....Or will that be today?


Verrry Interestinc, Toot, it is Wednesday here in the U.S.A., what day is it now in Australia?


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I'll start a new coffee shop thread tomorrow morning. If I get hit by a bus, one of the other regulars will start a new one. If we somehow get several coffee shops, I'll combine them.


Beach Bum
Good morning y'all. It's 31°, clear and frosty, but going up to 66° later. Perfect for the trick or treaters. I think I overbought the treats, and Chocolate no longer likes me. :(.

Today, is also Reformation Day.

Last night, it appeared that even the Jersey Devils had a difficult time following the puck. They embarrassed themselves.:mad:

Yesterday, I had an injection of Synvisc One into my left knee. My Rheumatologist told me it would mid November before we knew if it would work or not. So far, so good, I now feel more discomfort in the other knee. If it does work, we will do the right knee.

If I feel up to it later, I have to rebuild the section of bench work that connects the current layout with the new modules. It is narrower, to allow clearance for the electrical service panel box. I screwed up the first assembly, so I have to dismantle, fill the holes and re assemble, so it will fit.:oops:.

Local TV Political ads are getting real nasty. :eek: Medicare Advantage commercials, Final expense insurance and Reverse Mortgage commercials are becoming more frequent and more obnoxious. :mad: I really need to watch less TV.



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How about this for Halloween music?
I think it's one of the greatest songs of all time, from one of the greatest albums of all time. At least in my novice opinion, what do you think Willie? Always good to hear from an expert.
I'll throw in another good one and maybe more fitting for Halloween.


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Good morning everyone. 51 and cloudy and drizzly out there. Time for more coffee.

Garry - Please say hi to Ed and Julie for us, and thank them for their well wishes for Dena.
All - thank you to everyone for your thoughts and prayers for my wife. Tomorrow she goes for the biopsy which will confirm (or negate) the radiologist's diagnosis and if indeed it is cancer it will also tell us what kind and how to proceed. Please keep her in your thoughts and prayers.

Not much to report from the train room. Trains are running fine now with the track and wheels cleaned. I'm working on the area to the left of the lake now - trying to see how the houses, barns, and farms will fit there with a single dirt road connecting them to the main highway. Once I'm satisfied with the arrangement, I'll start gluing stuff down and doing the landscaping.

Have a good day everyone.


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Good Halloween Morning to Everyone. Cloudy and 59° around here. Someone forgot to tell Mother Nature about the 95% chance of rain starting around midnight last night.
Not a lot to report from the train shed, same as the last few days. Engineers are staying busy.

Chet - I don't see it as "some people will do anything for money.", but as helping out an old friend. The extra money was just a dessert so to speak. Something to break up the routine.
Nice series of pictures including a couple of scenes that I hadn't seen before, or at least from these angles.
Sherrel - Hockey is a neat game whether you know the rules or not. I really like it but I rarely get to see much because the games come on after my bedtime mostly, or on weekends when I really need to do other stuff during the daylight.
Greg - My wife begrudgingly accepted the train shed, however it did make our taxes go up after the county discovered it. They did originally evaluate it as a residence until I took one of their people inside to prove that I didn't have plumbing. She ended up taking pictures of the layout for her grandkids to see, and lowered the evaluation to an acceptable level. No problem any more since in Texas, property taxes are frozen for seniors unless you add something else. Good luck with the Packer season's a nice dream!
In Texas, many of those ATV's are street legal for secondary roads, meaning anything without a stripe. In deep rural areas like mine, most are not licensed though. It would be nice to have one to go check the mailbox over a mile away!
Garry - I also miss Ken's posts. He occasionally posts to other threads. I know that there was a disagreement with another member, perhaps he doesn't realize that he can block that user.
Johnny - That's a relief on the company agreeing to make things right.
Mark - We used to start a new Coffee Shop at around 1000 posts or so in the old one, I think that there may have been forum software issues or something like that. Speaking of Jeffery, were you a member of his fledgling forum "Rails of the World"? It seems to still be there, but it no longer recognizes my log-in. Haven't seen a trick or treater in over 40 years. We used to take our kids to a nearby town 15 miles away, that welcomed all of the "country folks" every year. In case Toot has left the building, and doesn't answer, it's just past 10:30 pm Wednesday so it will soon be tomorrow.
Louis - Like them both. Alice Cooper was one of the last shows that I attended before I quit going to live shows due to my deteriorating hearing. That was in the mid-90's or so. Originally saw them in the late 60's opening for Frank Zappa and the Mothers of Invention.

Everybody have a great day, and don't let the goblins get you tonight.


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One more? :)

Another great Halloween album. I bought this one because I loved the cover, never having heard a single song! It's still one of my favorite Albums.


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Good morning. 29 degrees to start off the day with a winter weather advisory in effect for 4 to 8 inches of snow above 6,000 feet. Ain't that just about right for the trick or treaters.

Johnny - Prayers for your wife. Hoping for the best.

Justin - Good looking boy you have there. Don't spoil him too bad.

Louis, Willie - I did have a blast running the excavator. I always enjoy playing with big toys.

The price tag on the Corvette I posted yesterday was $157.000. All of the body panels had to be custom fabricated to fit over the 2004 Corvette chassis. I have seen a number of similar conversions on the internet. They look sweet, but they ain't cheap. I had thoughts of doing something like that years ago, but I didn't have the talent working with fiberglass. I am happy with my '59 Impala.

Joe - Sorry to hear about the arthritis. Hope the shots help. I have recently been having problems with my right shoulder. May have to check with the doc and see if something can be done..

- Gla to see you visiting the Coffee Shop. There will be a new one tomorrow.

Willie - Those tax people can be a pain in the butt. A number of years ago I had some stop by. One was apparently a green horn. They walked around the property looking for anything to tax. The greenhorn jumped all over out rear deck and I came back at him telling hime th edeck had been there since the house was built.

Thanks for the comments on the photos posted yesterday. I like to try to take photos from lower levels. Here are a few more.

20181028_163326.jpg Have to get the pond going to the left of the mobile home.

20181028_164456.jpg 20181028_164147.jpg This is where 00 will be for a while.

I did get a hold of Bachmann abd they said to send the little 70 GE switcher in and they will replace the motor.

Today will be a long day in the kitchen for me. Time to get going on some perogies. They are a pain the the butt to make, but so well worth the effort. I usually make quite a large batch and freeze them for future enjoyment.

Here's a rail picture for today.


Gotta get to work, Later.


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Happy Halloween , everybody ....

Johnny .... I'll tell them .. Prayers will continue.

Willie .... Hopefully, Ken D&J will return some day. I don't think the reason for his leaving is a problem anymore.

Anybody .... If you are emailing Ken D&, please tell him he is missed.

Chet.... Nice layour photos and ales the rail photo of the day is very nice.



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Good Morning Everyone.....sunny and seasonal for the beggars tonite. Fewer kids every year.

I did a big pumpkin and when removing the guts, I found two seeds inside that had germinated and they had leaves and roots. Never saw that before. My wife made me did it, no kids or grand-kids...just for her.

Chet: What's are perogies.

I used to love operating excavators and smaller Bobcat loaders when I was in high school and college and worked for a landscape contractor and nursery. The most fun was a small crawler and when no one was around I would play with it and once when the winter weather was mild I parked it in some mud and then the weather changed and the tracks froze in the mud. It was there until the next mild stretch of weather.

Johnny: All the best to your wife.

Willie: ATV's can be run on secondary roads during the harvest season if they are used for farming purposes. All ATV's need licenses. Snow mobiles run next to roads on special trails or cut through woods or fields. On one piece of land we have some one cut a snow mobile trail through our property. Found the damage in spring.

That's a $1,300 fine for trespassing, plus the chance of paying for damages and jail time for the damage to the property.

I like the tax people for our cabin. The assessment keeps dropping.

Gerry: Nice photograph with the pumpkins and corn. Very seasonal.

Amazon lost in delivery my new mini camera...they are refunding my $$$. I wonder if it was shipped from China?

No real plans today.

That's all for now.


"Go Pack Go"...after the Packers cut Montgomery yesterday!!! Never upset the Coach by doing dumb things like he did last Sunday.
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Guess I should start by saying -- HAPPY Halloween to all. Supposed to be 82 here in Hollywierd Land with Santa Anna winds 25-35 mph. Spousal Unit came home from Costco with several large boxes of candy- the last couple years have produced around 180 plus goblins. We live in a fairly small subdivision on the East side of town that is somewhat detached from the main part of town - not a close walk for folks, but tons of kids are bussed in for treats.

LOUIS - I have to send that cartoon to my Texas cousins - too funny!

MARK - Don't sweat the small stuff - we bat around just about anything here! If the topic had to just be model RR stuff, then I might as well fold my tent, as I really have not done any modeling in years, but I enjoy seeing others works of art, and I am still a YOUGE fan of trains in general. When I had my bout with the Big C and the several surgeries for the aneurysms a couple years ago - I got pretty depressed - and I know this forum thread with the encouragement from all - is one of the reasons I am still around. Thanks, GUYS!

JUSTIN - That really is a good looking baby! Congratulations to you and the Mom!

Johnny - Saying a short prayer for your mate - The big C - it's always scary to hear about. I really wish that they could come up with a vaccine (like they did with polio) to prevent it.

JOE/ GREG - Alright, you have convinced me to learn about Hockey. I'll maybe go to a game with my son-in-law's father -he likes Hockey. Follow the puck, Follow the puck!

OK, have to get on my sanding project!


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OH - two more ...
GARRY - great photo!
I told Ken D&J that we all missed him .. I'll see if he responded back to me.


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Back from the train room...not much done today, just some attempts at photos and clean things up!

Here's a photo of my Digitrax PR4 computer interface. Its main purpose is to down load sound files to Digitrax sound decoders or read back and change CV's. It connects to my PC via the gray USB cord and the black cord is the 14 volt power supply. I'll keep it next to my PC which means carrying locomotives up from the train room for programming. A nice tool for approximately $80.00+shipping.

Here's a shot of the expanding area of Waupaca, WI. The lights are starting to come on.


The crooked utility pole on the right was modeled on purpose. George Sellios once remarked that utility poles should always be straight since they don't photograph well if crooked. He is correct!

The bare area just behind the quarry will be a swamp since it needs to be relatively bomb proof for me to reach into the scene for working. I need to take some shots from inside the quarry and use my smart phone.


A lone C&NW caboose coupled to a beat up SOO con on the track which will lead to the Fond du Lac friegth yard.

The photos seem to look better when enlarged, just click on the individual photo to enlarge.

That's all for now.

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Chet: What's are perogies.
Greg: Eastern European delicacies. Pasta pockets filled with mash potatoes and cheese, ham, sauerkraut, barley and other good stuff. Go well with kielbasa and sour cream. Mostly of Polish, German, Ukrainian, and adjacent nations. Very popular in Milwaukee, Chicago, Cleveland, and Buffalo as well as the Northeast. Local supermarkets and Costco carry several brands here in Central Jersey.



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Boris: Perogies sound like the Upper Michigan (English influence) and Northeastern Wisconsin's.......Pasties. A flour dough pocket filled with exactly what you described. They are prepared uncooked until baked.

I was born in Milwaukee (German) and currently live in a far Milwaukee suburb...I never heard of them by that name or saw them until now.

I love pot pies BTW.



Had relatives who lived in Northern Wisconsin and had a large family who survived on a limited budget. The mother made patties of dough and fried them in lard and when done covered them with sugar. Some times they added meat and folded the dough over the meat and then fried the dough filled pockets. This was a meal for them several times a week.
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