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Good Morning Guys. Looks like mostly cloudy and 68° to start our day here. Low 80's for the high again today with clouds mostly all day, a repeat of yesterday. Today is one grandson's birthday, he'll be 11, tomorrow is his brother's birthday, he'll be 13. Saturday my wife is going to pick them both up so they can stay a few days with us here in the country. They'll most likely bring the granddog with them as well. I have a whole gallon Ziploc with prime rib and spare rib bones for her in the freezer. She'll completely gnaw and eat the spare rib bones, and I will find the prime rib bones in the yard the next time that I mow.
Today is the grocery/beer trek into the "big city". Looks like extra stuff on the list for the grandsons. Vitamin Shop and pool supply store are also on the list. The jury-rig repair is still holding up on the pool filter hose but I do want to do it right. This afternoon, mowing and weedeating are both on the agenda.

How about a big ole breakfast burrito today Flo. Yep, the one with sausage, egg, potatoes and cheese, lots of spicy salsa to go with it.

Thanks once again for all of the likes and comments regarding the progress on Earl's Oil; Bob, Guy, Jerome, Karl, Garry, James, Louis, Patrick, Curt, Joe.

Out in the train shed yesterday, I pretty much finished up the Earl's Oil scene.
05-28-20 001.JPG

05-28-20 002.JPG

05-28-20 003.JPG

The only thing remaining to do is to add some weeds. I have to gather up the weed making supplies and do some here as well as over in the salvage yard. It's not my favorite task, but it's easier than making trees for me. I am not really planning to add any more details here unless I run across something that just begs to be added.
That brings up the thought of what the next project should be. I still have 8-16'+ sections and 2-10'+ areas that are partially ready for scenery. They mostly all have structures, sidings and industries, but no scenery.
Here's an example of one such space.
05-28-20 005.JPG

There are 24 structures randomly placed along the back wall and elsewhere. The vision is to have a small town main street alongside the tracks with the downtown business district along the wall. There are already four industries off the picture to the right accessed by that switch in the lower right corner. There's two more at the other end of town on the other side of the tracks from the church/graveyard.
05-28-20 006.JPG

I recently painted that track through town and have started ballasting it.
This is the area that I am favoring right now, but I would like to do one or two single lot areas while I figure out exactly how I want to do this one. This will be a big project that will take some additional thought.

Patrick - I take the easy way out when it comes to painting track. After fastening it all down, I use a rattle can of Model Master "Light Earth" and just spray the whole mess, with ventilation and a disposable paint mask of course. I do 2-3 feet at a time and immediately wipe off the rail tops with either a paper towel or an old tee shirt. Later I will go back and brush paint random ties with various shades of brown and gray. Occasionally I also randomly use some rust colored paint to highlight parts of the rails, but not often. It's faster, easier and doesn't hide the details.
Joe - Best wishes on your upcoming knee replacement surgery. My wife is trying to figure out a good date for her other one now that elective surgery is back.
Don't forget the spills.
They're coming up.
Louis - Continued best wishes on the gout episode recovery. HAPPY BIRTHDAY. Have a hot dog and a beer on me. Check your E-Mail.

Today is National Hamburger Day and also National Brisket Day. Seems like they should have been on Monday! Enjoy one or the other today.
Everybody have a great day.


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Willie, the hotdog and beer sounds great, thank you, but I'll have to pass until the gout has gone. Both are not good for gout. Oddly enough at my request my wife is making me pan fried hamburgers on this national hamburger day, who knew? All red meat is not so good for gout, but cured, smoked and charcoal grilled meats are even worse. Beer is a no no as well, but we can have a shot of Irish Potin :)

Thank you Everybody for the birthday wishes.

Karl, your post reminds me of an episode of the show the "King of Queens" Arthur was getting out of the hottub, naked and Doug looking at him quickly turned away in horror. Arthur said "it's called gravity Douglas and it's coming for you" Don't forget Karl, if I'm not mistaken, you are older than me! :)


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Good Morning, everyone.
42F this bright, blue, sunny morning. The conditions seem to be temperamental day by day, but we do get the odd beautiful day in.
The wife is not happy, as there was a frost this morning and she's thinking all her garden work was for naught. I'm fairly certain it wasn't a killing frost, though.

I'm just checking in for a coffee, as it's fairly busy for me right now. Not much modeling happening; I'm building fancy gazebo benches for a client, and 4 - 9'ers of them have to be built, stained, and installed before June 11. Lots of time, but, I want to get it done, and be on time for her to enjoy her party.

I see that the beaches near Cape Canavaral were tightly packed today with tens of thousands of tourists wanting to watch the Space-X liftoff. Bummer that NASA was forced by the weather to scrub the launch 15 minutes before takeoff time; lots of disappointed people!
I laughed at that (evil sense of humor). Ya comes in, pays da money, and takes yer chances.

Wow, Willie! I didn't realize just how extensive the layout is. That is very impressive. Looks like you have a great deal of modeling to enjoy, for quite awhile.

Anyway, I need to get going, as I'm running late and the clocks a-ticking! I'll leave one photo, that I was able to catch yesterday. ES44AC, CN 3858:
CN 3858 coffee.jpg

Everyone have a wonderful day!


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Yo: Good morning. Today is off to another murky start, fog and clouds, with a 60% chance of rain.

Louis: Happy Birthday!

Willie: That's quite a large layout you have there. I knew it was large, but wow! That's nice. The oil dealership is really a nice model.

Memorial Day May 25, 2020 at the Jersey Shore.jpg

This was taken on Memorial Day. The new cobblestones were placed in front of the freight house, (and temporary passenger terminal).
The road used a different sourced brand of cobblestones, much like in the real world, where different streets had different paving. There is a large amount of work remaining here, such as ballasting and finishing the structures. However, many days, all I want to do is run trains.

RF&P #1 September 1983 PY.jpg

RF&P #1 at Potomac Yard, VA., without its slug. SW1500s 1 through 5 were assigned as hump power with slugs, #10 was used on a road local freight. The view from the Southbound Hump Tower, Near the access to the Jefferson Davis Hwy, was magnificent. Mr. McGinley and his staff were always very cordial to me when I went there. It was a very efficient, well run operation, that didn't survive, because of changes in traffic patterns brought about by Conrail.


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Good morning .....

Louis ....... HAPPY BIRTHDAY ! ..... Thanks again for comments on my retaining walls.

Willie ........... Earl's Oil looks FABULOUS ! 👍

Guy .... Nice photo of CN 3858 .

Boris .... I like the picture of RF&P 1. ..... You are doing great work on your layout. I like the RDC scene.

Ken .... Thanks for checking in. It is always good to see you here.

Everybody ..... Thanks much for the "likes" on my photos.


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Good Morning Everyone.....overcast and light showers will storms later. The Mrs. finished her yard work just in time before the rain comes.

Now a plug for TrainMasterTV an on line video series by Joe Fugate, the publisher of Model Railroad Hobbyist. I paid $9.99 for a six month subscription and its worth the price. Just one detail to note that in the Catalog section where you can select what subject you maybe interested in watching, there's a "See All" at the far right which will open additional subjects. There's a wide range of topics from DCC, weathering, detailing and a Ops Session on a layout layout.

Later this afternoon its down to the layout. With the warm weather we had the last few days we turned on the Central A/C and the basement dehumidifier to keep moisture levels low. In some summers the train room can be cooler than during the winter.

Rock or brick walls can be constructed by making a form out of almost any type of material to hold a thin pour of plaster or hyrocal. Once the material starts to set scribe lines across the face and then start hand caving rocks or bricks. With practice it becomes easy and to color the face use diluted (start very diluted) Yellow ocher, sienna and followed by a wash of India Ink and alcohol. Apply with a sponge brush, brush or spray. Apply color when having the wall in a vertical position so the excess color can work its way down. Seal with a spray of Woodlands Scenic Cement or White glue.

Good work everyone and keep your photos coming.

Willie: Planted our one and only "Patio" Tomato yesterday. Tomatoes will be ready sometime in July. I visited San Antonio , Texas in early spring and I couldn't believe how many gardens were planted and we were still getting snow in Wisconsin.

Later everyone...


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Louis: Also doses of Prednisone may help reduce gout. I have a form of some strange disease that resembles gout and 2.5 mg of Prednisone takes care of the problem.At first the MD though it was gout, but test showed no signs of the crystals that form near the joints.

Prednisone is considered a corticosteroid. It prevents the release of chemicals in the body that cause inflammation. Prednisone is used as an anti-inflammatory or an immunosuppressant medication.

Get getter soon.



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Louis: I don't have personal experience with it, but my wife, an RN, was telling me the other day that she had read something that high dose Vit C helped with gout.
Chad, thank you. That makes sense. I understand high doses of vitamin C can act like a mild diuretic and I have heard many find relief with cherry juice or pineapple juice. My situation is a bit complicated because of kidney disease and diabetes. No fruit juice or any kind or vitamins for me, but it's ok, I graduated from “hacking school” with honors :)


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Louis: Also doses of Prednisone may help reduce gout. I have a form of some strange disease that resembles gout and 2.5 mg of Prednisone takes care of the problem.At first the MD though it was gout, but test showed no signs of the crystals that form near the joints.

Prednisone is considered a corticosteroid. It prevents the release of chemicals in the body that cause inflammation. Prednisone is used as an anti-inflammatory or an immunosuppressant medication.

Get getter soon.

Thanks Greg,

At one time I did take Allopurinol to lower uric acid production It worked, but my kidneys disease got worse and I stopped taking it. Pain won’t kill me, but kidney disease might, maybe ;)

I’m lucky I don't get many flareups and I don’t have to work when I do get flareups. I ride it out for a few days and all is well. Not to mention I have an excuse to sit on the couch and watch TV. :)

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Good afternoon all. Well it's a warm humid day here in H-Town. Prediction 50% chance of rain and it is getting dark.
Yesterday I was working on the layout and I realized I can no longer stretch and reach the far corner. Even using a step stool didn't seem to work ah I needed one hand to brace myself. It is hell getting old. I am now contemplating a revised layout. I am considering removing the short leg of the "L". This would give me a 40" x 11' table, 48 inches high. So I'm now look at track plans that might be adaptable to my dimensions. Since I want something leaning towards operations, I'm looking at some of the shelf layouts that might work within a loop. No firm decisions made yet.
Thanks to all for the likes.

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Good afternoon America, how are ya? Well, after doing a little more reading and making a phone call, we found out all we had to do was take a vision test, get our picture taken and pay the Man to get our driver licenses. That would give us a temporary license and our permanent one would come in the mail. Easy peasey. Just had to fill out all our info on the internet, print it out, schedule an appointment and show up, so we got that taken care of yesterday. They were wearing masks and had everything marked off to maintain six foot spacing and everything was handled very efficiently. We were in and out quickly and were very impressed over all. Our licenses are good for 8 years and cost less than Illinois. We got our renewal notifications for our vehicle plates and they went up by $50 each from last year. Here in Tennessee, they are one third the price! There are a lot of things to like here in Tennessee! Cost of living being a big one!

Before I forget...................HAPPY BIRTHDAY, LOUIS!!!

Great photos by everyone! Love the layouts that are shown, really fantastic jobs! I can't wait until I can start construction on my train shed next month and then I'll get to start on my layout and get to add a few pictures of the progress I make. I'm getting excited just thinking about it!

Well, I need to get things done. We'll be leaving for Illinois Saturday morning and need to get stuff ready. Stay safe and six feet away!
Boris, nice photos, as always.

What was the weakness of the GG1 in snow?
The annual summer job was to cover thin metal frames in Irish linen to fit the various inlet openings on the G's with many different shapes depending on the specific engine. All air inlets were not the same across the fleet. The same problem came up when the Budd Metroliners were introduced and the same fix was devised.
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