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So...they were even using diesels to support the steam on what looks to be an excursion train, back then. My eyes too are attracted to the 49'er Fords. A huge styling departure from the pre and early post war models, Even the Dodge behind it, still has vestiges of that at the rear. Mind you, it's grille was to become a highly sort after customizer's favorite.
The concrete products company that my Father worked at had one of the first 49'er sedans to appear on the Auckland NZ roads. They didn't change company cars very often back then.


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I put the daughter's Seibu 30000 train away and put out a second GreenMax 103, called the "Osaka Power Loop" as it is all decorated with Kansai area (Greater Osaka area) motifs on my other DCC loop (my DCC test track is a double loop of KATO Unitrack). I then put the KATO 10-540 103 Series Osaka Loop Line, which is an earlier version of the 103 on the DC test track and ran them (they are actually still running behind me now). The table is not quite level and one side is a little higher than the other -- it may have shifted a little when it tipped a couple weeks ago -- and the KATO speeds up when it goes down the grade and slows down going up -- the GreenMax, with their more modern coreless motors, seem to keep a more constant speed both up and down the grade.

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King Toot, I love reading your posts about cars!
This is one of my all-time favorite cars, 1950 Ford. I'd love to have one with a modern drive line and modern brakes.
View attachment 113800
If only they had come with those wheels, but a perfect example of why black and chrome were made to complement each other. Jogging my memory again, is the '51 "twin spinner" that I believe, Popular Mechanics Magazine of that year, revealed the first use of the sealed beam headlight, and what a major forward step in vehicle road lighting that was. Carried right through into the '70's before body shaped lights became fashionable. Their guarantee I recall, was that they would not loose brightness till they failed. The last ones in an Australian built car, were the twin 5" fitted to Chrysler's 1981 CM model. I found a black one for ya.
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Good morning Everybody.

Almost 10 hours of sleep the night before last. A little over 3 hours sleep last night and "I'm not feeling it" today. Add a gout flare up and I think I'm just going to refill my coffee cup and go rest on the couch.

Have a great day Everybody.


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Morning all,

Currently cloudy with some light rain and 56* here in Doo-Dah this morning.

I'll play catch up later this morning. On the home front, the grandson and I layed out how he thinks he'd like to get a town layed out on his trains and we labeled the switches so he knows which is where. He ran his trains for a while. I even spent almost an hour running trains with his little sister (she's 7 1/2). She had fun.

Their mom is home and it isn't good. When they got in they found more than they expected cancer wise, but the good is they think they got it all. We'll know the next steps in the coming days. They did say it is a kind of rare form that 3% of women with cancer get and mostly in women over 60 and are heavy smokers. Not usually seen in women in their early 30's. She is doing well and asked me to make my homemade pancakes for her yesterday, so I did and sent them home with her husband.

Pancake batter is way too easy to make to use a box mix.

Last of the big ones:


Burlington Bob

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Good morning America, how are ya? Well, the weather forecast for the weekend was for quite a bit of rain, but we really lucked out and only had a little rain on Saturday and most of it was still a nice day. We came close to some rain yesterday, but this is as bad as it got for us.

It's 70 right now and partly cloudy with a high of 80 later on. I need to finish pressure washing the drive way, I put everything away yesterday as these clouds came close. I didn't want to get caught in a big downpour. I've still got three and a half sections to do. I did get the brick mailbox "post" done and started on the far end of the driveway. Now I just need to meet up with the other end I started last week! :rolleyes:

We went to Cookeville and drove through a couple of car lots...........looking at getting a new (to us) Escape. I will never buy a brand new vehicle ever again. You just take WAY to much of a beating on depreciation and I'm not a masochist!o_O While we were there, we stopped at the train display they have downtown. An old Baldwin 4-6-0 and a couple of cabooses and an old Fairmont speeder. They also have a small museum in the old depot, but it will be a while before we venture inside to look at it.

IMG_1801 (2).JPG
IMG_1802 (2).JPG
IMG_1803 (3).JPG
IMG_1804 (2).JPG

It looks like the kids have had their way with the speeder: the gas tank, radiator and gauge areas are filled with pea gravel.

Looks like they need to get their Kadee coupler gauge out and do some adjusting!

IMG_1814 (2).JPG

Everyone please stay safe and six feet away!


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Good Morning All. Partly cloudy and 59Β°. Brrrh! Drizzled all day long yesterday, with an accumulation of 1.3" over an eight hour period. The good news is that the rain that was in the forecast for the next four days is now gone and it looks like mild temperatures (for us) until next Tuesday. Of course given the mostly incorrect weather forecasts this spring, it could all change overnight. So far in May, I received 10" of rain after a dismal April of 0.8". By comparison, March had 8". YTD total has been 28"; average yearly total is just 36", so we're far ahead of the average. We are however about to get into the three month dry season that's typical for here.
The rain pretty much eliminated any chance of outdoor activity yesterday, although I did take a load of trash out to the dumpster.

How about a tall stack of blueberry pancakes and a handful of bacon to start the day Flo.

Thanks again for the likes and comments regarding the layout progress; Bob, Karl, Guy, Phil, Jerome, Garry, Louis, Joe, Chet, Curt, Mikey.

Spent a lot of time in the train shed yesterday. I mostly spent time completing and installing the Insta-Fence around the Earl's Oil site.
05-26-20 008.JPG

Drilled 19 fence post holes with only one miss. So I just cut off the bottom of that post rather than to try to correct the hole. Fence is recessed slightly from the edge of the layout to prevent snagging. Don't ask how I know to do this!
Now it's time for the final detailing. This is where some Bar Mills kits get interesting. Here's an example. Note the last sentence regarding the pipes.
05-26-20 012.JPG

05-26-20 002.JPG

And here is the pipe that was included.
05-26-20 003.JPG

High tech!
I will use some corner pieces of leftover sprue from something else and make something that more matches the picture.
05-26-20 010.JPG

Another pair of details included are these.
05-26-20 004.JPG

Not sure why these are in a kit for a bulk oil distributor scene. I piled the concrete blocks over by the billboard as shown in the first picture, the obvious junk will go somewhere else on the layout. Now I will move onward to the ground cover and other landscaping details. Not sure yet if I am going to paint the fence, or just leave it.
I also deviated from the instructions on the rooftop sign placement, since it made no sense to have half of it facing the rear.
05-26-20 001.JPG

Meanwhile I left a vacant lot between Earl's and the salvage yard next door. I'm thinking of putting in a small vegetable stand there, or maybe just an abandoned lot. Haven't decided yet and it may not be anytime soon.
05-26-20 011.JPG

Chet - That is an interesting table top. I like it.
Karl -
That's bureaucracy at its best. 118 pages to explain how to number their highways. I'm with Terry on that one.
Patrick - Prayers and best wishes for your daughter.

Today is National Paper Airplane Day. Wondering if that's really still the art it was in the 60's.
Everybody have a great day.
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