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It’s time for a rant!

I am working on the layout. I use Micro Engineering’s code 70 rail glued to Central Valley Model Works styrene ties and have now for over 20 years. Occasionally I will purchased flex track from ME but for the issues of curving it, it’s not worth my time. But, last week I ordered a code 70 turnout from Hiawatha and it was received.

I opened the turnout and immediately upon inspection I notice the spring is missing to hold the points to the rail. The 3 holes above the single hole normally holds the spring
I finger flick my turnouts so this is important to me. But, I’m a model railroader and I can either fix it or find a solution. But took a picture anyway to send to ME! I’ll use an under layout switch machine controlled by a slide rod through the fascia as I’m thinking I may do that on a few other turnouts on the layout. Installed the turnout on Sunday and all works well moving the points. Today I ran a covered hopper through the turnout and it derailed every single time.

Not a happy camper! After closer inspection there is a solder ball in the frog! Wait, nope it’s not solder! It’s a wire sticking up, maybe? Not sure but using tweezers, long needle nose pyers, Exacto blade and finally the soldering iron, nothing moved it

Dremel tool with a cutting blade and that little bulb is gone! Was it a piece of the casting? Who knows, but it’s gone now

It now works fine and I cannot find my receipt from Hiawatha Hobbies to prove to ME I just purchased the turnout.

What happened to Quality Control inspections?

Rant over, thanks for indulging
Well, the FEMA visit was a bust. Their rep was here, but FEMA only covers your residence, no barns or outbuildings; or they will cover if you suffered medical liabilities or business losses. Fortunately we had absolutely no damage to the house. Unfortunately they cannot help with anything else. The train shed roof rebuild and new roof set me back $4200. As posted last week, I was not actively using the barn any more, so that loss means nothing except removal at some point. I think that downed tree remediation will cost more than the train shed, but once they are down, I can take my time cutting them into firewood. But the beer fridge survived unscathed and the pool is also unscathed, so life can proceed.
Well, howdy there internet peeps, and those looking forward to Willie's annual pool party :p ;)

It's Troy again.

Got my iPhone upgraded today at AT&T. When I stopped in on Friday to cancel Mom's cell phone I asked, and they said the iPhone 14 are on a great special. $5-ish per month for 36mos. So about $200 US for the phone. The twist is AT&T is using credits to the client instead of discounts to get the price that low. So I had to sales tax as if I were paying regular retail on the phone ($800-ish, amounting to just over $50 in sales tax).

But they were sold out on Friday. Stopped today, and they had more in stock. Do it.

Trading in my iPhone X got me $45 in credit. Applied it to sales tax, owed $6 and change.

This is important because my X used Bluetooth 5. The new is 5.3. I didn't think it mattered but the new Bluetooth LE that hearing aid manufacturers are moving to probably wont be backward compatible to an X. And with the iPhone 11 on they used "made for iPhone" tech in hearing aids. I think that outdated iPhone was part of my issues with the Starkey aids I tested

On to Mom news:

The social worker called to say that Physical Therapy was releasing her from their care. That will move the payee from Medicare to Medicaid. The office manager at the facility has the paperwork prepped. Mom will sign tomorrow. She's on full medicaid right now, so none of the mess that Swal is going through.

I just have to watch her bank account and make sure with SS deposits she won't go over a $2000 balance, or Medicaid takes the overage.

Mom is complaining because her vision isn't good. But she insisted she was stopping the macular degeneration shots. They had her on a 18 week maintenance shot, and she didn't even want that. Not that I fault her for it. But this is what happens.

I told her I'd make a new appointment, but only if she told me. So think about it and let me know.

Mom: What about the other eye doctor???
Me: the one who gets your glasses for you?
Mom: Yeah. I can't see the print on the activity schedule. It's too small. And everything is too dark.
Me: He can't fix those. Use your magnifier. Turn on all the lights. Remember, if you don't want to lose more vision, you need to get more shots in your eyes.

She got quiet after that. She really doesn't want more eye shots. I don't blame her, but seeing is still my top sense I want to keep.
All in all I got it done but was slow and didn't get as much on the house done as I needed to. I did go up in the evening until like 2am to work on it but stopped when I couldn't lift some cabinets up to their rail by myself.
I've often wondered "how much of my life have I wasted looking for stuff?" We moved here in December of 2017. I'm still finding things in boxes.

I'm glad to hear you didn't try to lift those cabinets by yourself. Injuries are time consuming,

Keep up the excellent work, I enjoy the updates!

Be safe, don't work too hard and get some rest!
Good morning all. A cloudy day with a chilly breeze. Tea and double toast with jam please, Flo.

Sorry to start the day with a rant.
Here in this part of the U.K. if you have any medical test; blood tests, x-rays etc., if you do not hear from them then everything is okay???
Some of you know I was in hospital in February. There, an x-ray was done and a shadow on a lung was found.
Since then I have had three further x-rays. I have not heard a thing regarding the results except, 'If I do not hear anything then everything is okay.'
My question is 'If everything is okay, why three x-rays?'
Answer: 'If I don't hear anything then everything is okay.'

Mind Games. The doctors are playing Mind Games.
End of Rant.

Oldest grandson is visiting after school.
Morning all,

62° and clear thhis morning, going for 85° later.

Headed for surgery in a couple of hours. Scheduled for about noon. Day half over before we even get started.

Looking at the garden this morning and will have about 4 cucumbers ready by the weekend. Garden is overall doing fairly well. Storms Sunday morning I was sure flattened the corn, but it's back standing tall on it's own.

Be back as I can.
I had to drive over to the Stormville Airport's site yesterday because I sent them a check and they don't take checks, so I paid them cash for my spot. They asked what I was selling, and I mentioned trains. They told me I would have no trouble selling anything to do with model railroads. Train items go in a flash.
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